Why Some Car Transport Services Are Better Than Others

Written by Nick Telford II

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Reviewrepparttar contract closely because most transport services will not guarantee a pickup date or delivery date, but rather refer torepparttar 143935 window of time in which they are scheduled.

Insurance is also an issue. Sometimes your own insurance carrier will not cover damages sustained torepparttar 143936 vehicle while being transported on another. Verify what insurance coveragerepparttar 143937 transport service offers and if you purchase it, make sure it is listed inrepparttar 143938 contract. As with any company, you should verifyrepparttar 143939 references of prior service.

Finally, once you've settled on a car transport service and signedrepparttar 143940 contracts, be sure that you receive an "Original Inspection Report." The transport service will inspectrepparttar 143941 vehicle prior to accepting it for transportation. It will note nicks, dings, scratches, dents and defects inside and out.

If there are scratches onrepparttar 143942 windows, these will all be noted onrepparttar 143943 "Original Inspection Report." Make sure you hang onto this, because when your car is delivered, you should takerepparttar 143944 time to go over it slowly. Verify that there are no problems other than what is listed onrepparttar 143945 report.

In most cases,repparttar 143946 process of transportation is damage- free, but if your car has notable damage not listed onrepparttar 143947 report, then getrepparttar 143948 driver's signature in concurrence withrepparttar 143949 damage and notifyrepparttar 143950 transport service. Withrepparttar 143951 dual verifications,repparttar 143952 company should work out a way to reimburse you for any repairs that are necessary. =========================================================== Discover vital information and advice about car and auto transport services. Find out what you must do, and what you must not do. Click http://www.auto-transport-101.com/

Nick Telford regularly buys new cars from across the country, and gets them transported home. Now he's written a series of articles giving his experiences, good & bad, of how to use car transport services.

Ten Tips Before You Travel

Written by Smooth Hound

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6. Don't leave your luggage unattended. If you are flying, don't make jokes withrepparttar check-in staff about drugs, bombs or any other security issue. They have to take all such comments seriously, which could delay your flight or even prevent you from travelling.

7. Some US states and some countries have strict rules about carrying fruit and vegetables in. Make sure that you are aware of these rules - even a seemingly innocent apple or banana in your lunch box could break these rules!

8. Double check your packing! Whilst you'll almost certainly be able to buy replacement items such as toothpaste or a toothbrush, it's notrepparttar 143899 best thing to be doing when you arrive at your destination. Some people find it handy to type up a list on their computer and use this as an extra memory aid.

9. If you use any prescription medicines that you must take, bring two sets and pack them in different locations in case one bag gets lost. Also bring a copy of your written prescriptions, including those for glasses and contact lenses.

10. Bring a small carry-on bag with an extra set of clothes. Ifrepparttar 143900 worst should happen and your bag is lost, you will have a change of clothes until your bag finally arrives. If you must take daily medication, bring a two-day supply with you inrepparttar 143901 carry-on bag.

Smooth Hound http://www.s-h-systems.co.uk offers affordable hotel and guest house accommodation throughout the world.

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