Why Skin Care Doesn't Work!

Written by Yvonne Finn

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4.Guaranteed Skin care that is not over-hyped and full of empty promises and unrealistic goals, such as(look 20 when you're 50), can offer guarantees! Why, becauserepparttar same ingredients work inrepparttar 138508 same way(unlessrepparttar 138509 customer is either(a) allergic to or(b) does not userepparttar 138510 product as intstructed). For example, in an exfoliating gel or serum, fruit derived, alpha-hydroxy acids(AHA's) will gently remove thedead cells and debris fromrepparttar 138511 uppermost skin layerand reveal a smoother brighter complexion. This is it's characteristics and what it is designed to do and will do, when used as it should be!

Be wise and educate yourself about your skin care choices, not just about whatrepparttar 138512 products do, but how they do it and whether you will actually use these, sometimes, very expensive items.

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Beat Stress and Stay Cucumber Cool

Written by Estate Jewelry International

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- Stop and think about a situation or place that makes you happy. This is rather like a recess or time out. By thinking pleasant thoughts your stress level can be dramatically lowered. - Slow down. Rushing can cause your stress levels to rise. Plan your appointements and commitments so that you have ample time to get from point a to b. Start your day by leisurely getting dressed and applying your makeup. This will setrepparttar tone for your day and help keep you de-stressed. - Vitamins can be a great help in reducing stress. Take a multi-vitamin daily. Have B Stress vitamins on hand for those very busy or stressful days. Eat foods high in magnesium, Vitamin C, and B5. - Reduce your caffeine intake. - Seek calmness. Ifrepparttar 138301 living room feels chaotic and stressful then take five minutes and remove yourself to somewhere tranquil and peaceful. It could be a deck, your bedroom, or your front lawn. - Music is a wonderful stress reliever. Put on your favourite cd and sit still and listen for at least 15 minutes, 1/2 hour is even better. Playing music while you accomplish your tasks can also reduce stress. - Carry your favorite bottle of essential oil in your purse. When stress feels like its about to getrepparttar 138302 better of you. Openrepparttar 138303 cap and inhale deeply. Camomile and lavender are universal stress busters but you can choose any calming oil that appeals to you. - Breath deep - breathe up fromrepparttar 138304 bottom of your feet through your body and up to your third eye [between your eyebrows]. When you inhale imagine your body melting away. Deep breathing can stop stress in it's tracks.

Don't let stress wither you, stay cool as a cucumber and beatrepparttar 138305 heat. When ever things are beginning to feel overwhelming, stop and take care of yourself using these helpful tips.

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