Why? Should You Give, Before You Receive

Written by Ray Palmer

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Visitors are free to absorb as mush information as they can handle. Atrepparttar same time it helps them get to know me better, and gives a small taste of what's available to paid SBHomesite subscribers, if they happen to be interested.

The real motive - let's face facts:

This concept of sharing isn't totally naive of motive. Almost invariably,repparttar 142674 intent is either to attract prospects inrepparttar 142675 hope of eventually gaining a paying customer, or to draw traffic for selling advertising to commercial enterprises.

Successful Internet Marketing is not entirely a charitable guru that sits atop a hill inrepparttar 142676 middle of money town.com. Giving away advice, content or other freebies, without a direct or indirect commercial motive of one sort or another.

In other words, if it didn't somehow benefit them, they wouldn't - and probably could'n't afford to - continue doing it. After all, entrepreneurs like you and I are out to earn a honest profit - even a living - from this Big, Wild Web. We can't reasonably be expected to give awayrepparttar 142677 whole ofrepparttar 142678 business without any compensation whatsoever.

The Benefit of giving away freely - giving away a freebie can create a win/win situation. The giver builds trust and goodwill, as well as likely gains a repeat visitor and potential future customer, andrepparttar 142679 recipient gets something something of value at no cost.

As you can gather by all this free giving away, as with many things given away online for free, you get what you pay for. They offer little or no real value. The trick is to find one or more freebies with real perceived value to your prospects. By sharing (some) things freely online, before asking anything in return, you'll find that it pays off better thanrepparttar 142680 opposing concept of all take and no give.

Look out for part four: where i will talk about Product Lines

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Ray Palmer

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Make Profits from FREE e-Books

Written by Brian Adamson

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How to get others to give away your free e-book?

The first thing you need to do is to arrange some reliable way to ensure that those who you want to help you will benefit from sales of your product. This is easy to arrange by setting up an affiliate program and there are many different ways of doing so, which vary enormously in cost, complexity and ease-of-use. Personally, we find Clickbank both inexpensive and easy to use both to set up your program and for your customers to make purchases.

The real key, however, to getting others to give away your FREE e-book is to ensure that THEY will benefit from any sales that it generates. That means that you need to allow them to add THEIR affiliate links to YOUR e-book, so that any recipients ofrepparttar free book that click onrepparttar 142120 sales links will generate revenue for both of you.

Either you can makerepparttar 142121 resultant free e-book editable by your affiliates (a potentially risky strategy, just asking for it to be ripped off) or you can create what has becomerepparttar 142122 new standard for such products -repparttar 142123 brandable e-book.

What is a brandable e-book?

A brandable e-book is an e-book that contains specially formatted links that can be changed with a simple editing program without giving editing access torepparttar 142124 rest ofrepparttar 142125 book. This means that not only can your affiliates benefit by distributing a copy of your e-book with their links in it, but people that receive it from them can also reformatrepparttar 142126 links and redistribute it again (you explain HOW inrepparttar 142127 book itself!).

This creates a "viral" e-book that provides not onlyrepparttar 142128 motivation, but alsorepparttar 142129 means for any web-savvy recipient of your book to make a profit from it. Of course, if your content is excellent as well, people will have another good reason to redistribute it to their friends etc and it will reach even further.

The key to creating a brandable e-book is to use an inexpensive branding program to createrepparttar 142130 special links for you, which will also give yourepparttar 142131 relevant re-branding program for your affiliates.

We explain exactly how to do this on our own re-branding page - feel free to copy our method and wording if you think it would help you.

By following these simple steps, you too can generate a small army of affiliates to help sell your product for you, for mutual benefit.

Brian Adamson is the founder and President of Natural Health Information Centre, a unique, independent resource whose sole intention is to cut through the myth and propaganda surrounding disease and health and make available the TRUTH about Disease prevention, management and cure in easily understandable language.

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