Why Should You Compare Your Email Campaigns?

Written by Mike Savaliya

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statistics in to a graph and you will know which campaign was most effective. Clickthru rate is more important than opens and unique open rate. Clickthrus shows that your subscriber showed interest inrepparttar information you provided. Just an open without a clickthru shows that subscriber did readrepparttar 105200 information, but he or she is not interested inrepparttar 105201 information you provided so no click.

Followrepparttar 105202 style and information or advertisement trend ofrepparttar 105203 most effective campaign. This will help you get more and more clickthrus for your next campaigns.

It wouldn't take any more than few hours to compare your campaigns. If your email marketing service or software provides this feature than use it and achieve even better results for your next campaign.

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How to get prospects to open your direct mail envelopes.

Written by Alan Sharpe

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5. Teaser Ask a provocative question, give a compelling statistic, feature a gripping photo or use another device that intrigues your prospect and motivates them to open your envelope to satisfy their curiosity. 6. Go plain Sometimes just a plain old #10 envelope works as well as anything else. IBM discovered in tests that they increased their response dramatically just by putting their logo inrepparttar top left hand corner ofrepparttar 105198 envelope. You may increaserepparttar 105199 number of people who open your envelope by not using your logo, or not mentioning your company name, just your return address. The secret to irresistible envelopes is creativity and testing. Be as imaginative as you can, and then test your hunches inrepparttar 105200 marketplace. May you discover many winners!

Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter and lead generation consultant who helps high-tech firms attract new clients using creative, cost-effective direct mail. Subscribe to "Sharpe & Direct," his weekly newsletter, at www.sharpecopy.com

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