Why Self-publish Your Book?

Written by Ceci Miller, MFA

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4. Independence. Self-published authors are usually people with confidence in their message. Many have already developed a following by giving talks and seminars in areas where they live and work. Experts know when they have a powerful personal message—they don’t need a publisher’s approval to pump themselves up. Such authors, many of whom are already seasoned professionals, self-publish their books because they love being inrepparttar driver’s seat of their book project. Rather than gamble that a big corporation will treat their book withrepparttar 126392 respect it deserves, such an author takesrepparttar 126393 publishing reins to ensure that her message reachesrepparttar 126394 widest possible audience. No one cares more about your book than you do.

5. Power of Belief. The power of belief in our words is what makes promises good and turns dreams into reality. Authors who self-publish their books believe deeply that others will benefit from reading what they have to say. They have unshakable conviction. Such authors often tell me, “I had to write this book. I just have to get it out there!” Deep belief isrepparttar 126395 selfless power that drives all true service and makes a difference inrepparttar 126396 world. Authors with a strong sense of purpose know that they can make their books succeed. They don't want to wait around for a publishing house to “accept” their work. Aware that time is precious, such authors create their own publishing opportunities. They get behind their own message. They launch a campaign fueled with belief inrepparttar 126397 creative power of intention. A good publishing consultant and editorial coach knows thatrepparttar 126398 best way to make your book a true success is to create and market a message that you will both be proud of for years to come. Creating uplifting books is a passion. Make it yours, and every one of your books sold will be a vote of confidence in yourself andrepparttar 126399 rest of humanity!

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Ceci Miller, MFA, President of CeciBooks Editorial & Publishing Consultation, has been writing and editing books with bestselling authors since 1988. A graduate of the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop, Ceci Miller has written, co-authored and edited numerous published books, and worked as staff editor for an international magazine. For a free initial consultation, or more information, go to www.CeciBooks.com

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