Why Satellite TV is better than Cable TV

Written by Dale Lawrence

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Byrepparttar way, if you have a digital box fromrepparttar 142156 cable company, you have only a handful of digital channels,repparttar 142157 rest arerepparttar 142158 same if you removerepparttar 142159 cable box.

Satellite companies like Direct TV (or DirecTV) and Dish Network, provide national satellite service with hundreds of digital stations. The picture is clear and crisp, especially if you spring for a high definition receiver to match your HD ready TV. While most cable signals are below 150 lines of interlaced resolution, standard satellite can approach DVD quality (480i) and HD content will be sent at either 1080i or 720p (progressive). A regular 27” TV hasrepparttar 142160 capability of no more than 500i while a HD television can producerepparttar 142161 full range.

What are interlaced and progressive signals? Interlaced broadcast was developed fromrepparttar 142162 old NTSC format whererepparttar 142163 designers inrepparttar 142164 1920’s and 30’s couldn’t getrepparttar 142165 TV to scan every line fromrepparttar 142166 top ofrepparttar 142167 screen torepparttar 142168 bottom fast enough. They needed to cheat by havingrepparttar 142169 TV scan allrepparttar 142170 odd lines; 1, 3, 5 etc. then go back and scanrepparttar 142171 even lines; 2, 4, 6 etc. The result is thick black lines running horizontally across your screen and only halfrepparttar 142172 picture appearing. These flickering lines prevented you from sitting close torepparttar 142173 television without getting eye strain. Asrepparttar 142174 TVs got bigger, you sat farther away.

The new HD televisions scan allrepparttar 142175 lines progressively and refreshrepparttar 142176 screen much quicker. It is like looking through your front window with horizontal blinds. Turnrepparttar 142177 rod sorepparttar 142178 blinds are half open. The street outside is now half covered like interlaced pictures and you only see halfrepparttar 142179 picture at one time. Now pullrepparttar 142180 cord to fully openrepparttar 142181 blinds. You now seerepparttar 142182 entire window unobstructed or like a progressive signal.

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U2: The greatest live band in the history

Written by Calvin

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U2 put in each concertrepparttar same intensity that they put inrepparttar 142140 early years ofrepparttar 142141 group, when they played in small places in Dublin.

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Calvin : U2's fan that he wants to express his sensatios about the greates band in the world.

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