Why Read Inspirational Quotes?

Written by Steve Gillman

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Imagine a choice: do what you love and possibly fail, or wait a few more years. Now, outside of mathematics, virtually all reasoning is tainted with rationalization, so you can support whatever you decide with "logical arguments," right? No wonder we're often confused and demotivated! How can we trust our own reasoning, if it just finds a logical construct for whichever fear or other feeling is strongest!

Then you read an inspirational quote:

"You miss 100 percent ofrepparttar shots you never take." - Wayne Gretzky

Can you see how this hockey metaphor might touch you precisely because it isn't a logical argument? It just points at a truth you can see for yourself: You can't get what you want without "taking that shot." Seeingrepparttar 140900 truth is far more motivating than arguing it. That'srepparttar 140901 value of reading inspirational quotes.

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Written by Bob Garner

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. Take what you believe to be is “your passion” and break it down to your core passion. Ask yourself, “What arerepparttar true feelings or emotions behind my passion.” Usingrepparttar 140765 two examples from above, you may like to paint; however how do you feel when someone else admires or purchases your work? When you make your deals, do you feel super when you leaverepparttar 140766 office knowing (hopefully) that both sides were happy withrepparttar 140767 result and that you have not only helped them achieve their goals, but also your own goals and/or those of your business or company?

Delve deep into your thoughts and ask yourself, “How does my passion affect other people? How can others benefit from my passion?” You might find a renewed sense of passion for your passion.

A successful entrepreneur for over 20 years, Bob Garner is the author of "Masters of Motivation" which has been called a “blueprint for success.” The creator of a number of CDs that have empowered thousands, Bob writes for numerous business magazines and speaks extensively worldwide on motivation and success. Sign up now for his free monthly newsletter called "Personal Success" at http://www.bobgarneronline.com.

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