Why Put Old on Hold?

Written by Barbara Morris

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The deterioration and behaviors associated with or recognized as “old age” are not justrepparttar result ofrepparttar 151032 aging process. Much of what is recognized as “old age” is learned behavior.

In our society, we don’t just let old age happen. We help it along with a mix of tradition/custom; observation/emulation and expectation/exhortation. We learn how to “get old” fromrepparttar 151033 influence of family members, other role models and social influences. We learn how to get old by observing and emulating behaviors, beliefs and attitudes of others because it’s accepted. We listen torepparttar 151034 exhortations of well-meaning family, friends and peers.

A diet quite different fromrepparttar 151035 accepted, conventional “healthy diet” isrepparttar 151036 foundation of putting old on hold and it’s shored up by exercise and a mental attitude that marches to an unconventional drummer. In Put Old on Hold I discussrepparttar 151037 significance and substance of a non-traditional diet,repparttar 151038 value of exercise, andrepparttar 151039 ingredients and benefits of a carefully cultivated mental attitude that puts you in charge of your aging process.

Barbara Morris, R.Ph., is a 76-year-old working pharmacist and recognized expert on unique anti-aging strategies. Author of Put Old on Hold, her message is for Boomers who want to feel and function as a healthy 40 or 50 year old for 25 or more years. She calls it “Liberation Living” – a process she has discovered that bypasses infirmities and indignities of traditional old age. http://www.PutOldonHold.com

Congenital Heart Disease - A Conundrum

Written by Daniel Morris

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Allrepparttar doctors and my head would say I should be sensible and dorepparttar 151031 former, whilst my heart(!) is telling me to live life torepparttar 151032 full because as I know all too painfully due torepparttar 151033 death of my father, that life is short and every minute should be savoured not wasted.

Wellrepparttar 151034 good news is this – atrepparttar 151035 moment my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol level is 4.8 (below 5 is considered good) and I take regular walks and play competitive sport every week atrepparttar 151036 ripe old age of 38 years. OK I’m a few pounds heavier than I should be and I have a fairly stressful job. I will continue to ensure I am checked regularly (every 2 years is optimal I am told) byrepparttar 151037 doctors inrepparttar 151038 hope that any problem will be caught early and be treated, and perhaps I can approachrepparttar 151039 dreaded four-oh with optimism instead of dread.

May anyone worried about hereditary heart disease take strength from these ramblings and stop stressing themselves (literally to death) byrepparttar 151040 worry of achievingrepparttar 151041 ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Take heart! Be sensible not obsessive. Get checked regularly.

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