Why Public Schools Hate Home-schooling Parents

Written by Joel Turtel

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For these reasons, until fairly recently, most state legislatures either outlawed homeschooling or tried to strangle it to death with regulations. In 1980, only Utah, Ohio, and Nevada officially recognized parents’ rights to homeschool their children. In most other states, legislators continually harassed or prosecuted home-schoolers under criminal truancy laws and educational neglect charges.

By 2004, however, pressure from parents, Christian home-schooling organizations, and recent court rulings pushed all fifty states to enact statutes that allow home-schooling, as long as certain requirements are met. These requirements vary for each state.

In spite of these statutes, many states and school authorities still harass home-schooling parents. That is becauserepparttar Supreme Court slapped parents inrepparttar 147921 face when they gave local governmentsrepparttar 147922 right to regulate home-schooling. As a result, many home-schooling parents are still harassed by local school officials.

If you are a homeschooling parent, you must know how to protect your legal rights. To do this, you should seriously consider joiningrepparttar 147923 Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Founded in 1983, HSDLA provides its members with legal representation against local school officials who might harass you, demand to supervise your home-schooling, or demand to periodically test your home-schooled children. You can join at their web site, http://www.hslda.org.

The Rutherford Institute is another well-known organization dedicated to protecting parents’ rights and providing legal help to home-schooling parents. Their website is http://www.rutherford.org.

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Coping With Colic

Written by Margaret Tye

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A continuous soothing sound such as a washing machine or tumbledryer often works. There are CD's available that can help and I found that a tape of sea waves worked well, particularly when gently rockingrepparttar child.

Seek your doctor's advice on medicines, he may recommend some colic relief. If colic has been diagnosed but there is any change inrepparttar 147859 baby's behaviour, go straight back to your doctor, it's better to err onrepparttar 147860 safe side.

Finally remember that it will pass, in a few months that screaming bundle will be toddling about getting into more mischief than you can possibly imagine!

This article is for information only. You should always consult your doctor before commencing any treatment and no liability is accepted.

Margaret Tye runs the FromTots2Teens website that offers information on supplies for children of all ages as well as advice on health and other child and teenage relatedproblems. You are welcome to use this article as long as it is not altered and credit is given to the author, with a link back to this site. FromTots2Teenshttp://www.fromtots2teens.com Please pay the site a visit.

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