Why Post in Forums to Promote an Internet Business?

Written by Helen Raymond

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3. their target market is here, both posting and "lurking".

4. posting in forums helps achieve their own "branding".

5. helpful posting is a way to give back for help received.

6. good posting can build trust, credibility, expert status.

7.repparttar silent power of well constructed "signature" files.

8. they can subtly refer to "products" in their post answers.

9. new contacts, joint ventures & opportunities arise here.

10. The Best Reason of them all is, they know thatrepparttar 125091 internet keyword searches can bring up their forum posts! This often means thousands of extra visitors to a website, which just "happens" to be inrepparttar 125092 poster's "signature file." ---------------------

Helen Raymond has an entrepreneural background, both offline and online. Marketing promotions include the NetSearch eZine, http://www.rightstuffco.com/netsearch/ and wholesale ebook sales at http://www.rightstuffco.com/freetosell/ She is active in business help for members at http://www.RightStuffCo.com

"Ezine Ad Swaps...Evolutionized!!"

Written by Chris Wright

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Now, there is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Subscribers don't have to worry about signing up with dozens of ezines just to get a free ad. No longer will your email box be full of newsletters that you may or may not read.

Ezine owners also come out smelling like a rose, as far as doing swaps is concerned. Now, you don't have to spend your time searching out appropiate ezines to swap with. You don't have to try to cram your newsletter with different swaps. What'srepparttar solution?...

There is a new service that has combined ezine swaps with 'free-ads-for-subscribers'. Take a look....

******* http://www.GuerrillaPromotions.com/swaps/index.html *******

Just sign up...and you're ready! Then promote your affiliate link. Your link will allow people to sign up with different ezines and email courses. Each subscription you acquire entitles you to 100 impressions. Once you accumulate 1,000 impressions...you get your free ad! That means recruiting only 10 sign-ups will allow you to your 'hands free' ad swapping.

Where will these swaps come from?

Firstly, they will come from their ezines and/or websites. They have also cultivated key relations with other marketing/home business newsletters. They'll be able to provide up to 100,000 impressions per month for any affiliate. If more are needed, arrangements can be made to handlerepparttar 125090 overload. Affiliates have up-to-minute stats available. You will be emailed atrepparttar 125091 end of every month with a statement of how many recruits you aquired and any ads due to you. You will also receive an email with details on redeeming your credits.

I'm sure they will want to help you as much as possible. Why? Because when you're successful...they're successful!! You'll also have access to articles that you can use in your promotions. Just replace their link with your own affiliate link.

Asrepparttar 125092 Internet continues to mature, so doesrepparttar 125093 techniques and tactics needed to market on it (the Internet). This new combination is just a part of ezine marketing's evolution.

*************************************** "Ezine AdSwaps...Evolutionized..." "Free Ads...Without Joining Dozens of Ezines!!" www.GuerrillaPromotions.com/swaps/index.html Christopher Wright ***************************************

Christopher Wright is owner/webmaster of New Innovations (www.GuerrillaPromotions.com), an Internet guerrilla marketing consultantcy. They help 'netrepreneurs' establish a successful Internet presence.

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