Why Our Site Was Removed from the Open Directory Project

Written by K.D. Wiseman

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“A drop-ship order taker isn't information, it is disinformation. "I claim to be doing this for money, but I won't tell you who actually does it." It's a lie, pure and simple……….That is just flat not honest. If it is not outright criminal fraud, still,repparttar mere fact that society tolerates that kind of deception -- that shoppers aren't taught from birth to avoid it like an Ebola outbreak -- gives unlimited unquenchable opportunities for outright criminal fraud. No, there are surely thousands of genuine little shops out there, providing their own unique goods and services, and depending onrepparttar 151131 net to find customers. The Vstore spammers try to buryrepparttar 151132 real little guys in doorway spam. Who wouldn't sympathize withrepparttar 151133 little guys? Who WOULD sympathize withrepparttar 151134 bully with a thousand fright masks (each claiming to be a "little guy")?”

As you can see,repparttar 151135 folks atrepparttar 151136 ODP do not think much of websites that userepparttar 151137 dropship method of selling products, regardless if it a cost effective method forrepparttar 151138 website. It comes down to this, ”if a company designs and manufactures something, then obviously they are offering both unique services and unique goods. Such a company has ample scope for creating a website containing an authoritative description of those goods and services, and that would indeed be listable.” By their very nature sites which promote someone else's wares neat don't provide unique content, simply another way of purchasingrepparttar 151139 same thing.”

Ifrepparttar 151140 ODP thinks otherwise then you are considered a drop shipper and will not get listed inrepparttar 151141 ODP.

My advice to allrepparttar 151142 websites out there that userepparttar 151143 dropship method to sell products on your websites, even if your site is one of a kind, do not bother trying to get listed withrepparttar 151144 ODP, because you will not. If you’re already listed, check periodically to see if your listing is still there and be thankful if it is, because if an ODP editor happens across it, chances are it will be deleted.

K.D. Wiseman is the owner of DMJ Enterprises and creator of Best Of The Home and DMJ Enterprises. Best Of The Home and DMJ Enterprises are popular home and garden websites featuring products for every corner of your home and garden including Quality Indoor and Outdoor Furniture,gardening supplies and more. Please visit both sites for your entire home and garden needs.

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How my page rank went from 0 to 5 in one update. How yours can too.

Written by Joe Balestrino

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Content? Yes, content is king as always. Content is what was used to help boost my ranking. But how?

I create articles. These are quality articles, just likerepparttar one you are reading now. These articles were not generated from any program. I authoredrepparttar 150999 content from my own knowledge and researched over 100 web sites that accept articles in my area of expertise. SEO happens to be a very popular topic. These sites agree to post my articles on their site, along with my url(s). Many of these sites have a decent Page Rank of their own. Their rank will transfer over to my site. Also, as time goes by, those articles will have a PR effect of their own which will transfer to my site(s). Don’t forget, other people may pick these articles up and use them on their site as well. They will also include my URL(s) on their sites. Now, if I do 100 sites a week times four articles a month, that's at least 400 articles a month. The last Google update was 86 days,repparttar 151000 longest has been 111. That could lead to 1200 or more links between updates. What will Google think about all these links at once? They’ll love it! Content, quality, one way links. I also promoted my blogs and my website in some of my articles. This way, they too have their own PR generating effect. They also link to my site and my site to them. This, in turn, increasedrepparttar 151001 PR to them as well. Atrepparttar 151002 time of this article andrepparttar 151003 most recent Google update, one of my blogs went from 0 to 3 andrepparttar 151004 other 0 to 4 all inrepparttar 151005 same update.

These tips should help you increase your page rank. The hardest part will be creating content related to your field and finding sites that will post your work. You can always hire writers and/or article submission services. Here's torepparttar 151006 next Google update. Cheers!

Joe is owner of http://www.mr-seo.com check out his site for a FREE SEO site Evaluation. You can read the latest SEO news on his blog http://mrseonewz.blogspot.com/ to read more of his articles visit http://mr-seo.blogspot.com/

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