Why Others Can't Start a Business

Written by Roger Younce

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Most business owners started some where and most likely they observed other successful business owners to figure out how they started. Likerepparttar old say goes "don't reinventrepparttar 117455 wheel". The key is for new business owners to do their homework. Yes I said homework. There is work involved in starting, maintaining and continuing a successful business. Think about it. If it were easy everyone would be doing it.

Having your own business can be one ofrepparttar 117456 most rewarding aspects of your life. You getrepparttar 117457 freedom to your own boss. But with that you are responsible forrepparttar 117458 failure and success ofrepparttar 117459 business. There in no one to blame but yourself.

Sorepparttar 117460 next time some one tells you they want to start their own business. Do what I do. Tell them that talkingrepparttar 117461 talk gets you no where. So have to walkrepparttar 117462 walk and your success is all up to you.

Roger Younce owns and operates QuickLearn Computer Training Services in Cabot, Arkansas. QuickLearn Computer Training Services offers all types of Microsoft Office training for individual users and small businesses. For more information visit the QuickLearn Computer Training Services website at http://quicklearncomputertraining.com

How to get your business online

Written by Peter Simmons

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Research - before doing anything else do some research. Look at other websites, styles, navigation, content, functions, etc. What do you like? What dont you like? What do your customers want? What dont they want? What are your competitors doing? What arent they doing? Set some clear objectives for your site. Write them down in order of priority and work towards them throughoutrepparttar project.

Content - The most important of all. Whether its text, images, functions, data or anything else, spend some time getting it right. It must of course, all meet your clear objectives.

Design and build your website - you can do this yourself but I dont recommend it unless you are confident you can do it well and have enough time to do it. Hire someone to do it all for you. Make sure you are happy to deal with them and that they dont just want to design a pretty website for their portfolio. They should make allrepparttar 117454 right noises about howrepparttar 117455 website will fit into your business and how your customers will benefit from it. Again, remember your clear objectives.

Evaluation - check your website meets all your objectives. Check everything works as it should and is easy to understand and use by your customers. Do you need to make any improvements/changes?

Publish - put your new website into your webspace. Congratulations your business is online!

Finally, review your website initially and regularly thereafter to make sure it is still meeting your customers requirements and to see if it can be improved or developed further.

Good luck and dont forget to let me know how you get on.

Need to get your business online? contact me now to find out how you can do it for less mailto:peter@dynamiq.co.uk You can see more of my articles to help you get results online at www.dynamiq.co.uk/ezine

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