Why Not Start Your Own Web Site?

Written by Mickey Coult

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Students and teachers haverepparttar advantage of online after school help when they choose to manage a website. Many of these websites not only have information pertinent to that night's homework, they also have message boards where students can ask questions and get responses from teachers or other students.

Just about anyone with a special interest can create their own website, whether it's to express their views about a political issue, tellrepparttar 117901 world which musical talent they are currently listening to, or to post pictures for their far away family and friends to see.

Websites can be informative, entertaining, or used for about a million other different reasons. Withrepparttar 117902 increase in Internet activity, there isn't a good reason out there to not take advantage of all that traffic and design a page.

Mickey Coult is the entrepreneur of a small business called nomnthlycharge.net. His business gives you a fully functional domain for a onetime fee, at a fraction of the cost of other web hosts. He lives in West Jordan, Utah and can be contacted at mic@nomonthlycharge.net or (801) 556-2504.

Magic in the air: But Where Are My Millions!

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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I think I know whatrepparttar problem is.

Many business owners think of a web site as just another ad. "I have a web site, so now more people will know about my company".

But there is no magic inrepparttar 117900 air - to make a penny from your web site you must not only build it but letrepparttar 117901 world know it's there. Search Engines, directories, forums, newsletters, articles, and freebies are only a few ways to do that.

Subscribe to a couple of online marketing e-zines and you will have plenty ideas of how to reach your target customer. Sign up for a free teleclass (teleclass.com) and get a chance to hear how experts and other business owners market their web sites.

Remember: there is no magic wand that will take your web site and market it for you. Be pro-active. Do something every day to promote your web site, and you will seerepparttar 117902 results from your web site. Do nothing - and you will berepparttar 117903 next "John" asking to cancel his web site.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web and the author of two books: "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days" and "65 Instant Web Design Answers". http://www.firstbusinesswebsite.com http://www.instantwebanswers.com

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