Why Network Marketing?

Written by Lana Hampton

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Give it some thought. As a traditional marketer, you may be quite happy withrepparttar handful of existing customers you already have. But imaginerepparttar 136383 potential of having a downline of, say, a hundred people who also make some sales and youíre earning a percentage of all those sales!! By having a downline working under you, you can effectively multiplyrepparttar 136384 time you put into your work. Imagine having a downline of 1,000 people each putting in only an hour a day five days a week. In one month 20,000 hours of work would be done. It would take one person alone 10 years to producerepparttar 136385 same amount of work.

So it IS possible, you know, to make huge amounts of monthly incomes from network marketing. It isnít all hype. All you need is some hard work and basic intelligence, as in any other job. So why not try and make this work? After all, you wonít have to dorepparttar 136386 9 to 5 grind five days a week. Youíll have more time for your family and yourself. Donít you find that wonderful?

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Why Network Marketing Never Works for You

Written by Farid Aziz

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So please take my advice. If you decide to join a credible and solid Network Marketing program, never never quit until you succeed!

Keep promoting and make evaluations. Do some research. Do a lot of researches. What kind of advertising that works nowadays? What works today may not work well next year.

Be patient. People would gladly join under you if they know you well. Donít be too pushy in prospecting, or they will run away from you.

Be persistent. Everyone has setbacks in their business. Donít take rejections personally. You donít need 1000 recruits under you. You just need a couple of those willing people who will runrepparttar business seriously. Your organization will grow rapidly from them.

Promote, Patience and Persistence will take you torepparttar 134840 top.

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