"Why Market Online With eBooks?"

Written by Ken Hill

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For instance:

* If you run an ezine where you promote your products or affiliate programs you can easily increaserepparttar circulation of your ezine by adding free eBooks as a bonus to subscribing to your publication. Allowing your subscribers to download eBooks you have written is a good way to show your subscribers that you are knowledgeable about marketing and can lead to them viewing you as an expert in your field. You can also increase your profits by including links in your eBooks to your affiliate programs or business. If you wanted to you could also include your eBooks in a members only site you create for your subscribers. Your members only site can have your eBooks, resources you think your subscribers will find valuable, and other sites you wish to promote. This also can be a great bonus to subscribing to your ezine and easily increase your subscriber base.

* If you give away free eBooks with your marketing information to your visitors, you can also allow your visitors to rebrand your eBooks with a link to their site, products or services for free. This allows your visitors to promote their site in your eBook for free while promoting your products atrepparttar 108471 same time. This can lead to hundreds or even thousands of people promoting your eBook with your opportunties for free all with very little work on your part.

* If you run an affiliate program, you can increase your business profits by creating eBooks for your affiliates to give away for free that they can rebrand with their affiliate URL. This can increaserepparttar 108472 income of your affiliates and also increaserepparttar 108473 amount of promotion you get from your affiliates. A win-win situation.

* You can allow your visitors to readrepparttar 108474 first few chapters of an eBook you've written before paying forrepparttar 108475 complete version. This allows your future customers to see that you offer useful, helpful information, to make sure what you offer is what they want, and it makes it easier for them to makerepparttar 108476 decision to buy from you.

And you can do much more if you set your mind to it. Not only can you write an eBook that deals with marketing or promotion, but you could write about anything that you are good at, or have knowledge about. What you do with your eBook is as limitless as your imagination. The choices are up to you.

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Why do we butcher our profits Online?

Written by Paul Barrs

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How about ifrepparttar owner ofrepparttar 108470 book didrepparttar 108471 right thing inrepparttar 108472 first place and sold it for $99.00.

But understanding thatrepparttar 108473 price is higher, he only sells one third ofrepparttar 108474 original volume. $99.00 x 166 units = $16,434.00

Can you see where this is going?

======Side Note:======

Hey, We all knowrepparttar 108475 argument "But what if because it's cheaper more people buy? Surelyrepparttar 108476 volume will makerepparttar 108477 extra profit?"

OK, let's take a look at it.

At $99.00 you sell 166 units for $16,434.00

So usingrepparttar 108478 original price at $14.95 you'll need to sell 1,100 of them to makerepparttar 108479 same amount of money.

Now, unless you're a top market with substantial previous experience, that isn't going to happen.

And if you are a top marketer withrepparttar 108480 experience to sell 1,000+ books in this fictional month, then with your credibility, people will still pay at least $37.00 for your book which would be $40,700 forrepparttar 108481 same amount of work

======End Note:======

For goodness sake owners, authors and writers - stop shooting yourself inrepparttar 108482 foot!

And for those of you who sell resale rights products (stop trying to "give it all away" - you arerepparttar 108483 one loosing money!

And for those of you who create and sell resale rights products - PLEASE sell by licence to a profitable price marketplace.

Don't let people butcher and degrade your work by selling your $99.00 product for $14.94 - it's hurting you as well as us.


Overrepparttar 108484 past twelve months I've increasedrepparttar 108485 access to my training site four times. Originally it was $49.00 (I fell intorepparttar 108486 trap). Now it's over $300.00. Guess what, I have more people register and join now than I did atrepparttar 108487 lower price, but even if I didn't it would still be worthwhile.

You can dorepparttar 108488 same - just believe in your products and services.

Between us, we can bring some profit back intorepparttar 108489 Online Market.

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