Why Link Exchanges are Dead-and What the New Move in Free Traffic Is...

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

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Butrepparttar problem remains that it is still tedious to submit each article to every article bank every time you write a new one. This new move back to writing articles is fueled byrepparttar 144831 same thing that webmasters are using to have their content written; outsourcing. People simply pay someone else to do this tedious work.

Companies like submityourarticle.com manually dorepparttar 144832 submitting for you, though at a price (and it's not cheap). But ifrepparttar 144833 traffic is coming in and you are capitolazing on that traffic it's an investment worth making.

However, for those out there who don't want to pay a per article fee, an associate of mine, Jason Potash has been working on a solution torepparttar 144834 problem. A solution that is very soon to be released. Subscribers to my newsletter will getrepparttar 144835 latest, and if you aren't keeping up with this ground breaking new trend you need to spend some time onrepparttar 144836 internet marketing message boards to getrepparttar 144837 latest news.

I don't have allrepparttar 144838 details yet, Jason is keeping a little hush hush about it. But in a few weeks you'll probably hear about his new tool.

The conclusion, article writing has never been totally dead, butrepparttar 144839 wave is coming back with a host of new tools and services to makerepparttar 144840 process easier for webmasters to capitolize on. Get inrepparttar 144841 groove, dust offrepparttar 144842 type writer and start benefitting from free article writing traffic.

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Snipe Your Way to Auction Success

Written by Frank Lomax

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The majority of sniping programs are based inrepparttar US and they charge in dollars. But they still work no matter which country you operate from. That’s because they automatically convert amounts intorepparttar 144821 currency you’re bidding in. And, most importantly, there is no charge if you fail to win an auction.

To get you started, here is a list of some sniping programs. Please visitrepparttar 144822 sites for full details of current charges.

www.auctionsniper.com I’ve used this service and have found it to be very reliable. Your first three snipes are free. After that, there is a small charge. This is one ofrepparttar 144823 most popular web-based snipers.

www.auctionstealer.co.uk This is a free web-based service. But if you want to spend some money then enhanced, paid subscriptions are also available.

www.bidnapper.com You can try this out for free forrepparttar 144824 first 10 days. Then you haverepparttar 144825 choice of various paid subscription offers.

www.bidslammer.com This is another web- based service but with a difference. You get your first three snipes free. Then you need to add funds to your account using PayPal or credit card. This then enables you to snipe on a pay-per-use basis.

www.ezsniper.com Your first three snipes are free and then there is a small charge for each winning bid. There is a charge for opening an account.

www.powersnipe.com This program can be downloaded on a free trial basis. If you like it, you can buy it.

www.snipe.pl/en This is also web-based. Your first five snipes are free but then there is a small charge per snipe.

Findrepparttar 144826 program that best suits your activity level and then snipe away!

Wishing you every success.

After 30 years in business, online auctions and information marketing have now become my passion.

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