Why Leave Token-Ring?

Written by Andy Quick

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Total Project Cost = $106,825

Identifyrepparttar Benefits

After you quantifyrepparttar 133567 conversion costs, quantifyrepparttar 133568 benefits. At this point, my colleague didn't have an answer offrepparttar 133569 top of his head. After a few seconds to think, he said "ethernet cards come built intorepparttar 133570 PC's we purchase. There's no incremental cost. If we keep Token-Ring around, we'd have to buy a new Token-Ring card for every new PC." Now we're getting closer, but we still haven't justified this project yet. I asked him how many new PCs did he expect to purchase next year. He said about 100 and provided me withrepparttar 133571 following costs:

Card - $150 Toke-Ring Cabling - $250

Total cost for a new PC = $150 + $250 = $400

"See. I told you. This is a no brainer!" But then I asked him, "Ofrepparttar 133572 100 PC's, how many were incremental vs. replacements of old PC's ?" He gave merepparttar 133573 following information, by site location:

Site A - 20 incremental, 10 replacements Site B - 50 incremental Site C - 10 replacements Site D - 10 incremental

The $250 per PC cabling cost does not apply to replacements, sorepparttar 133574 costs would only be $150 for each PC replacement. You also cannot replace part of a floor, but you could have ethernet installed on some floors, and Token-Ring remain on others. I asked him to breakdownrepparttar 133575 PC count to a floor level:

Site A- 20 incremental are all on one floor,repparttar 133576 10 replacements are scattered throughoutrepparttar 133577 other floors Site B - Only one floor inrepparttar 133578 building Site C - 10 replacements are scattered Site D - 10 incremental are scattered

Nowrepparttar 133579 light bulb started to go. We figured outrepparttar 133580 costs of keeping Token-Ring vs. installing Ethernet on a site-by-site, floor-by-floor basis. We came up withrepparttar 133581 following costs (I didn't bother describingrepparttar 133582 calculations. You could easily figure it out for yourself usingrepparttar 133583 assumptions made earlier):

Site A - Token Ring ($8,000 for one floor, $1,500 forrepparttar 133584 others), Ethernet ($6,500 forrepparttar 133585 one floor or $28,450 forrepparttar 133586 entire building) Site B - Token Ring ($20,000), Ethernet ($13,900) Site C - Token Ring ($1,500), Ethernet ($14,675) Site D - Token Ring ($4,000), Ethernet ($49,800)

The light bulb was completely on at this point. The best approach to this project would be to phase in ethernet by converting one floor at Site A and all of Site B. Let's compare what would have happened if my friend had gone with a full replacement vs. a phased replacement.

Full Replacement - Spend $106,000 to save $34,500 Phased Replacement - Spend $20,400 to save $28,000

My colleague was very thankful at this point. He realized that careful planning and analysis could ensure that his company's money was being spent wisely. Clearly, there are other benefits of changing a LAN architecture that were not even touched upon. Router integration costs and application performance could also help driverepparttar 133587 decision. Takerepparttar 133588 time to identify all ofrepparttar 133589 possible costs and benefits of a Token-Ring to Ethernet conversion before startingrepparttar 133590 project. You could be throwing money downrepparttar 133591 drain!

Andy Quick is co-founder of FindMyHosting.com (http://www.findmyhosting.com), a free web hosting directory offering businesses and consumers a hassle free way to findrepparttar 133592 right hosting plan for their needs. Feel free to contact Andy at andy@findmyhosting.com in case you have any questions or comments regarding this article.

Andy Quick is co-founder of FindMyHosting.com (http://www.findmyhosting.com), a free web hosting directory offering businesses and consumers a hassle free way to find the right hosting plan for their needs. Feel free to contact Andy at andy@findmyhosting.com in case you have any questions or comments regarding this article.


Written by Bill Rosoman

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Howeverrepparttar WWW is great for getting info, buying some stuff and getting info out there! Just remember please that it and email are only 10% of whatrepparttar 133566 Internet actually offers. But hey have fun out there! Security: Viirus and Firewall as well as Encryption. I use a free virus checker as I do not like Mcafee or Nortons and of course you must have a firewall to stop attacks on your computer and people looking at stuff or obtaining stuff they should not have access to. This does not stop everything so precautions are still needed. I spent several hours today tracking down and eliminating a Casino Worm, a program that was always trying to get me to enter a Casino Online. I think I probably got it from a friend and they are "a bugger" to get rid of. There is also a case for encrypting sensitive data and usingrepparttar 133567 Internet as a Virtual Office, if you haverepparttar 133568 right systems and procedures in place and everybody hasrepparttar 133569 skills, software and willingness to userepparttar 133570 Internet for video conferencing, email, document sharing etc. It means that meetings can be arranged globally and time is saved to getrepparttar 133571 job done. This is at www.pgpi.org Meeting people face to face is important; but so is saving time and money. Data Mining This isrepparttar 133572 art of collecting information you already have and now mostly on computer, to use in other ways. Perhaps list of creditors and debtors as a target market for your products and services. Or perhaps information you have collected or developed as a new and different product. Most organisations have a mountain of information and data, but do not use in different and innovate ways. Information Gathering Is similar to data mining, but isrepparttar 133573 idea of say, having a free newsletter on your website, a means of gathering nformation and potential customers. E-Business Nowadays you just need to be part ofrepparttar 133574 IT revolution whether your organisations is for profit or not. A website is a real tool to get information out there. To talk to potential and existing clients and to perhaps sell products and services as well. Knowledge Management This isrepparttar 133575 idea that organisations andrepparttar 133576 staff ofrepparttar 133577 organisations gather a raft of information. Not many organisations actually managerepparttar 133578 process of storing that information and protectingrepparttar 133579 organisations from brain drain or loss. A disaster plan would identify critical areas, of data protection and backup and of human knowledge. If your main IT person leaves or departs, particularly due to some sudden event, have you captured that information?

Use of Templates for common repetitive tasks see a sample at http://eastcoast.hypermart.net utor Human Element/Interaction Dorepparttar 133580 people usingrepparttar 133581 technology have a say and are familiar and userepparttar 133582 technology? Each staff member should have a clear file with printouts of flowcharts and processes forrepparttar 133583 use of IT. Each staff member should have a personal development plan particularly inrepparttar 133584 use of IT, tailored for their needs andrepparttar 133585 organisation needs.

Human fear of change, of going out of ones comfort zone, of accepting life as a challenge and obstacles are things to be overcome.

Some useful sites are:

http://eastcoast.hypermart.net utor www.novelty-gift.com/courses.html www.yahoo.com messenger.yahoo.com briefcase.yahoo.com mail.yahoo.com www.pwcglobal.com http://www.software602.com/index.html www.freewarehome.com www.incredimail.com www.nzenterprise.com

USE Information Technology with allrepparttar 133586 amazing powers ofrepparttar 133587 web , but strive to keep your life in BALANCE. Withrepparttar 133588 web and e-mail, we must always keep technology in perspective - by using it for 'ease of communication at repparttar 133589 click of a mouse', to make our lives easier and market products and services aroundrepparttar 133590 globe efficiently and cheaply. MANAGE IT WELL, OR IT WILL MANAGE US inrepparttar 133591 early days of this "New Age of Wisdom"!

Bill Rosoman For more information I can be contacted at: Email leftfieldnz@yahoo.co.uk www.nzenterprise.com http://www.novelty-gift.com/ http://www.nzenterprise.com/

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