Why Join the Information System Security Association?

Written by R. Elam

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Discounts on events, seminars and training is another benefit of an ISSA member. For example, we are having a local Security+ training that will be held this Saturday at Colorado Technical University and in May there will isrepparttar SANS Rocky Mountain 2005 - Immersion Training which gives a price cut to all members. In my opinion,repparttar 135196 best thing aboutrepparttar 135197 ISSA isrepparttar 135198 ability to network with like minded Information Security professionals. Inrepparttar 135199 local ISSA Chapter there is a meeting once a month with seminars and meetings that include speakers like Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP and representatives from companies like 3Com’s, TippingPoint.

If you are an information security professional, you should definitely sign up. Membership is free for 90 days to give you feel forrepparttar 135200 association (attend a meeting with your 90-day membership). It is $99.00 a year for ISSA membership and an additional $25.00 forrepparttar 135201 Colorado Springs ISSA division (each local chapter has its own annual fee). Don’t be like me and wait a year to join. The networking is worth your weight in gold or at least 300K/year in an exotic location.

Join at www.ISSA.org For more contacts torepparttar 135202 online information security professional community visit my blog at: http://elamb.blogharbor.com

Image conversion In Computers

Written by KRISH

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Conversion rules:

• Large, high-quality, real-world scanned photos arerepparttar best material for conversion to JPEG format. • Do not convert black and white images to JPEG that works best with smooth and subtle color palette. B&W images are best on GIF. • Even on colored images make sure to smoothen outrepparttar 135174 sharp edges before carrying outrepparttar 135175 conversion. A gray-scale image is much easier for a JPEG format. • Avoid converting images that have already been converted before. Re-conversion spoilsrepparttar 135176 quality of images. It’s best to work with original scanned images here.

To explain how format conversion is carried out here’s an example:

1. In a Windows operating system go to Start menu – Accessories – Paint 2. Create an image withrepparttar 135177 program and save it in BMP format. Now Closerepparttar 135178 file 3. To convert it into say JPEG, re-openrepparttar 135179 file 4. Go to File menu and click Save As 5. Renamerepparttar 135180 file in File name box and in Save as Type drop down box click onrepparttar 135181 format you want it to be converted to. In this case “JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg, *. jpeg,)” 6. Click onrepparttar 135182 Save button. Your file is now converted from BMP to JPEG.

If you want to change BMP to GIF, followrepparttar 135183 same procedure except that in Save as Type box click on “Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)” Once an image has been converted from one format to another, say GIF to JPEG, some ofrepparttar 135184 information is lost. You can’t go back torepparttar 135185 original file. Therefore it is always advisable that you make a copy ofrepparttar 135186 original file before converting it.

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