Why Is This Such A Secret?

Written by Thomas West

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I was amazed at how my life changed forrepparttar better when someone showed me HOW to think about myself.

I no longer allow myself to be a victim in my own life. I control what happens to me. Everything negative that has happened to me today isrepparttar 137750 result of what I manifested for myself inrepparttar 137751 past. Thanks to some good friends, I have discovered thatrepparttar 137752 key to health and happiness lies within my own thinking. If I think that I will be successful, and I tell myself that each day, it will happen.

Thanks to some wonderful books by such authors as Dr. Robert Anthony and Napoleon Hill, along with some personal coaching, I am slowly teaching myself to control my own destiny through daily visualization.

I look atrepparttar 137753 world differently now. In that new view, I have seen my mother's suffering and realize that she is a victim of society's programming. Precription drugs are now advertised on television withrepparttar 137754 regularity of car and beer commercials. The message is clear, "You are sick. You have a disease. We have something to ease your suffering."

My mother switched primary doctors three times recently because, as she told me, "She didn't get along with them." I believe now that she left them because they would not give herrepparttar 137755 care, or more accurately,repparttar 137756 prescriptions that she wanted.

I have introduced my mother to a series of all-natural health products that will slowly help her cleanse her system and start her onrepparttar 137757 road to true balance. She and I have also discussed my new mindset and how she needs to believe that she can be healthy and energetic again. It is going to be a long road, but withrepparttar 137758 changes I am helping her to make, she will be successful inrepparttar 137759 end.

So I ask again - why don't more people get it?

Why is it that people believe that prescription drugs arerepparttar 137760 answer to all their health problems?

Unfortunately,repparttar 137761 answer most likely is because that's what our society is programming them with. I choose to turn offrepparttar 137762 television ads and take charge of my own health. I will gladly help anyone dorepparttar 137763 same for themselves and their loved ones. It takes a commitment to learning HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Tom West is a successful high school band director, husband, father of two, and home-based business owner. He lives in Downingtown, Pennsylvania and enjoys contemporary a cappella music, drum and bugle corps, health and wellness, mentoring people to success, and spending time with his family. http://www.health-team.com

Use of GPS Running Watches for health improvement and physical training

Written by Rebecca Blain

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The first method requires thatrepparttar GPS running watch has full distance based features, as well as position tracking capabilities. As long distance running usually involves leaving your neighborhood or running through parks and other natural areas, you will want to be able to find your way back to civilization if you make an incorrect turn.

The second method runners use to improve their physical fitness is to try to beat a pace. Instead of a specific distance in a day,repparttar 137749 runner will try to run a certain speed every day, gradually lengtheningrepparttar 137750 distance and loweringrepparttar 137751 time it takes to get there. This method is suitable for short distance runners, as well as cross country runners who need to work on their speed rather than their distance.

The second method requires a good speed/timing watch as well as pacing features. Garmin's virtual runner companion is perfect for this style of training, asrepparttar 137752 virtual runner will help make certain that you stay on pace.

The third method is for those who need a slower start. Instead of running distance or beating a pace, joggers using this method will jog for a certain period of time per day while keeping careful track of their heart rate. This method isrepparttar 137753 slowest ofrepparttar 137754 most popular methods, but is by farrepparttar 137755 safest for those with known health issues. An important part of physical training is to exert yourself without injury. By tracking heart rates and limitingrepparttar 137756 amount of time that you are jogging, you can slowly build up muscle tone and endurance without stressing your body. Jogging five to ten minutes a day while maintaining specific heart rates is suggested, while slowly adding more minutes as your body adapts to being able to handlerepparttar 137757 stresses of running.

The third method requires thatrepparttar 137758 GPS unit has a heart rate monitor, pacing functions and distance calculators. This combination is important for followingrepparttar 137759 progress of this type of runner. The mother health oriented features available in a watch,repparttar 137760 more effective it will be when this method of training is used.

When you purchase your GPS running watch, you will want to purchase from one ofrepparttar 137761 primary GPS and watch making manufacturers. Garmin, Timex, Magellan and Casio all have watches that are suitable for use with one ofrepparttar 137762 three above methods.

If you are serious about starting an intensive training program, you will want to contact a professional trainer. The methods suggested in this article should be used carefully, and only withinrepparttar 137763 limits of your ability. The information provided byrepparttar 137764 GPS runner watch should never takerepparttar 137765 place of medical exams and check ups given by professional doctors.

Rebecca Blain is a professional and hobbyist writer who enjoys taking care of her fish and educating people about GPS watches at http://www.everything-gps.com/watches.html

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