Why Is Personal Coaching So Popular?

Written by Will Craig

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We have readrepparttar self help books and listened torepparttar 125604 self help tapes. Unfortunately, they have been of marginal assistance, or at best, less than we had hoped. We can pat ourselves onrepparttar 125605 back at our efforts to improve ourselves and admire those titles stacked in our bookcase. If we are honest, however, we must admit they are now more 'shelf help' than self-help. Inrepparttar 125606 dark recesses of our mind we recognize, we cannot do this alone.

Fortunate Few

For years, serious athletes, actors, and politicians have all used personal coaches to help maximize their skills and abilities. These professionals are often atrepparttar 125607 top of their game, yet wouldn't think of 'going it alone.' Many of us are now recognizingrepparttar 125608 value of this unique relationship and are adapting it to a personal level.

Personal coaches are more than a friend with whom to share problems. They are a sounding board for solutions torepparttar 125609 challenges we face on a daily basis. They are mentors in some cases, cheerleaders in others. Part consultant, part family. Coaches unleashrepparttar 125610 power of partnership. With a coach, we do more than we would do on our own, go further and faster toward our goals, and take ourselves more seriously. We have an accountability partner who shares our best interest and keeps us moving forward. Personal coaching is about taking action and making things happen.

Taking It Up A Notch

Left to our own devices, we can often justify our average existence withrepparttar 125611 thought we are coping well considering all thatrepparttar 125612 world is throwing at us. A personal coach helps us catch what we need, deflectrepparttar 125613 unnecessary, and totally disregardrepparttar 125614 irrelevant. We don't have to do it alone, but we are challenged to take responsibility for ourselves and to take action on our own behalf. Former Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, sums it up this way, "A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don't want to do, so you can be who you want to be."

The time for personal coaching is now. The reasons arerepparttar 125615 ones bouncing around in your head at this very moment. The question now becomes, are you ready forrepparttar 125616 rewards that come with takingrepparttar 125617 game of life torepparttar 125618 next level?

Will Craig is a personal coach and past president of the International Coach Federation-Denver Chapter. His company, FillYourPractice.com, trains and mentors professional coaches and soon-to-be coaches in a program called the Coaching Practice Incubator.

Getting Started In Mystery Shopping (The Right Way)

Written by Melanie Jordan

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Go to http://mysteryshopcoach.cjb.net. Atrepparttar bottom of that page is a link to "Mystery Shoppers Resource", a great site for mystery shopping leads almost exclusively posted by schedulers. The webmaster, Julie Moreau, will even e-mail you each time she updatesrepparttar 125603 page (e-mail to jmoreau1@aol.com, please mention I referred you). When you see a job posting in your area, simply followrepparttar 125604 instructions and apply. There's a lot more to being a professional, top-earning mystery shopper than just this, but it's a way for you to dabble and get a feel for what is possible.

Summary: Despite what others may say,repparttar 125605 biggest mistake you can make as a newbie shopper is wasting your time applying directly to mystery shopping companies. You wouldn't look for a job inrepparttar 125606 "real world" this way, andrepparttar 125607 "mystery shopping world" is no different. Learn to work with schedulers and you'll have started your mystery shopping careerrepparttar 125608 right way.

"The Perfect Work-At-Home Job: Mystery Shopping" by Melanie Jordan can be downloaded at the following URL: http://www.infopost.com/ItemDescription.asp?navtyp=SRH&ItemI=79676 Subscribe to the free e-zine "Perfect Work-At-Home Job Update". E-mail to: mysteryshopcoach@aol.com.

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