Why Intern

Written by Sheena Salmon

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Thirdly, you can get a great reference for when you apply for jobs inrepparttar future. If you prove yourself well you will most likely get a glowing recommendation fromrepparttar 109382 company you interned. In fact, you may actually get a job withrepparttar 109383 company. They know you and have already established a relationship with you. They also seerepparttar 109384 skills and abilities that you will bring to their business.

Fourth, most internships offerrepparttar 109385 opportunity to earn credits from your school. So an internship can be thought of as an elective class.

Fifth, an internship can be paid. That just speaks for itself.

Most importantly, you will find out if this career that your going to school for and shelling out thousands of dollars for is really for you. You can switch your major now instead of wasting years in a job you cannot stand. Instead of coming back to school to shell out thousands more dollars to pursuerepparttar 109386 career you really like. Why not intern?

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How To Run A Successful Fundraiser

Written by Keith & Rema Smith

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Find out what you need. Survey those who are active participants withinrepparttar your organization or group.

Example: The PTA/PTO may want to ask teachers what is needed inrepparttar 109381 classrooms or administrators what is needed inrepparttar 109382 school as a whole. Then choose fromrepparttar 109383 list of items that appear inrepparttar 109384 majority or allowrepparttar 109385 fundraising committee to decide amongstrepparttar 109386 available choices.

3)How much will you need? This is where you create a goal.

For instance, if your goal is to raise money to purchase computer equipment, research allrepparttar 109387 costs involved (hardware, software, installation, etc.).

Also,don't forgetrepparttar 109388 annual costs of maintenance and repair if you are purchasing equipment.

4)Who will be your fundraising personnel responsible for:

1.Choosing a fundraiser

2.Making sure order forms get torepparttar 109389 sellers

3.Getting information out torepparttar 109390 public about your fundraiser

4.Collecting orders

5.Tallying orders

6.Counting Money

7.Depositing Money

8.Handling delivery

5)How are you going to raiserepparttar 109391 money?

Will you userepparttar 109392 direct sales approach? Brochure sales such as cookie dough, cheesecakes, candles, etc.

What about community service activities? Auctions, car washes, leaf raking, concessions at concerts or sporting events, etc.

As you can see, getting organized is not that difficult, isn't it? Once you have answeredrepparttar 109393 questions relevant to your group, you are on your way to earning those profits you desire which leads us torepparttar 109394 topic ofrepparttar 109395 next newsletter:

Choosing A Fundraiser

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