Why I use Bloglines as my default RSS reader

Written by Allan Burns

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As it is a popular web based reader you haverepparttar advantage ofrepparttar 141473 social side of RSS. There is a directory of allrepparttar 141474 feeds it there readers have subscribed to and ifrepparttar 141475 reader chooses to make their list of RSS feeds public you can see what everyone else is reading. Another great spin off from this isrepparttar 141476 ability to see how many Bloglines users are subscribed to each feed.

As you know everything has its down side and Bloglines is no exception. The main negative is that if Bloglines is ever down then you will not be able to access your feeds. Now this is certainly a big potential problem especially if you really heavily on being able to have access to your feeds. Since I have been a user I have as yet not experienced any down time. As a precaution you can export your RSS feed list as an OPML file so you can import into another RSS reader should Bloglines go belly up or experience any serious down time.

I am happy to say Bloglines is a tool I would gladly recommend to an RSS user. It is easy to setup, easy to use and it is atrepparttar 141477 moment totally free. So why not try it, I promise you that you will quickly become addicted and you will be checking your feeds more than your email

Allan is the webmaster at http://www.newsniche.com/ an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.

Get Started today with Affiliate Programs

Written by Ratliff J

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Why would companies pay you just to promote their products? That's easy! Over 2.5 billion dollars are spent on advertising every year. These companies are spending a lot of money, and they are not guaranteed thatrepparttar advertising will result in a sale. After all, you don't buy everything you see do you? No one does! So, these same companies also have a different advertising program that not many people know about. It is called an affiliate program. By promoting their products, you can collect a commission off of every sale. These commissions can range anywhere from a few dollars to thousands. Most ofrepparttar 141138 programs pay between $10-$100. The companies are able to pay you more because they don't have to pay a red cent untilrepparttar 141139 sale is already made, so for them it is GUARANTEED advertising.

Again, this system is now FREE! Just go torepparttar 141140 Internet Cash System website.

J. Ratliff is author of the Internet Cash System. He also has an Affiliate Program Directory.

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