Why I Was Successful in 2001 and Why You Could Be Too

Written by Glen Palo

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The following sites provide lists of newsletters that can be searched for advertising opportunities:

http://www.homeincome.com/search-it/ezine/ http://www.e-zinez.com/cgi-bin/hyperseek/hyperseek.cgi http://www.list-city.com/ezines.htm http://www.site-city.com/members/e-zine-master/ http://bestezines.com/ http://www.lifestylespub.com/cgi-bin/directory.cgi http://ezinecentral.com/ http://ezine-universe.com/ http://ezine-tips.com/ http://list-a-day.com/ http://list-resources.com/

Mike Hill runs a very successful ezine classified ad service that has brought in results. Advertisers can get their ad placed in 20 newsletters sent to 25,000 readers for $10. Visit http://hop.clickbank.net/?glenpalo/cashgalore for more information.

The least successful form of advertising for me in 2001 wasrepparttar use of "safelists" of opt-in email addresses. Usually,repparttar 117804 safelist operators let you email to their database of email addresses for a nominal fee. The fee is either an annual or monthly fee. Some people say they have been successful using safelists. While I did not getrepparttar 117805 same results, I found thatrepparttar 117806 use of safelists was a good way to test ad titles (email subject).

MyLISTmaker proved to be an exception. Because ofrepparttar 117807 cost of joining MyLISTmaker Gold and, I believe,repparttar 117808 quality ofrepparttar 117809 program,repparttar 117810 revenue generated from promoting my products more than made up forrepparttar 117811 upfront cost of MyLISTmaker. Also, MyLISTmaker hasrepparttar 117812 ability to generate a separate stream of revenue for those that actively promoterepparttar 117813 service. When planning your advertising for 2002, MyLISTmaker is worth a look at http://www.mylistmaker.com/?460019

A number of clickthrough or click exchange programs brought additional visitors to my websites. The basic premise is if you visit websites, you will receive visitors to yours in return. The click exchange programs take several different forms such as popup windows, exit windows, start pages etc. The best collection of these free advertising programs can be found in a downline club called MyECom. I joined and use MyECom because ofrepparttar 117814 extensive list of free places to advertise. There is extensive support through one ofrepparttar 117815 associated groups. For more information, visit http://myecom.net/members/builder7/

In summary, to improve your results, review what you have done inrepparttar 117816 past. Focus onrepparttar 117817 methods that bring inrepparttar 117818 best results. If you did not try different advertising methods in 2001, try new ones in 2002. That way atrepparttar 117819 end ofrepparttar 117820 year, you'll be able to compare results.

Glen Palo is a successful small business owner, offering tax preparation services at http://www.tax-preparation-services.com Glen also offers pre-paid legal services to help people save time and money. For more information on how a pre-paid legal plan can help you, visit http://www.prepaid-legal.cc

Take Back Your Mind!

Written by John Colanzi

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Start modeling yourself afterrepparttar successful entrepreneurs past and present. Go to your library and start readingrepparttar 117803 autobiographies of some ofrepparttar 117804 most successful individuals past and present.

You'll find that they all have common traits.

Fill your mind with good news and successful images.

Grab a notebook or some 3 x 5 cards and post some positive quotes to feed your head every day.

We are bombarded 24 ... 7 ... 365 with can't, impossible and so many other negatives. We absorb them without even realizing what's happening.

James Allen in "As A Man Thinketh," comparesrepparttar 117805 task of taking control of your mind to that of a master gardener.

You have to grabrepparttar 117806 negative weeds by their roots and rip them out. Start planting positive thoughts in their place and watch your garden flourish.

Take control of your mind and you've takenrepparttar 117807 first step on your road to success.

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. Subscribe now and receive access to our Free Internet Marketing Library: http://johncolanzi.com/freeware.html If you enjoyed this article you can view more of John's articles at: http://www.internet-profits4u.com/content1.html

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