Why I Don't Speak In Tongues - Part I

Written by Stephen Kingery

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We see then thatrepparttar speaking in tongues was functional - it had a purpose. It made it possible forrepparttar 141341 apostles to be able to speakrepparttar 141342 Word of God torepparttar 141343 people assembled in Jerusalem from all overrepparttar 141344 world in their -repparttar 141345 people's - own language. The benefit was that all those assembled heardrepparttar 141346 word of God; "Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them." (Acts 2:41) Can those who "speak in tongues" today claim any such benefit?

"While Peter was still speaking these words,,repparttar 141347 Holy Spirit fell on all those who heardrepparttar 141348 word. And those ofrepparttar 141349 circumcision who believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, becauserepparttar 141350 gift ofrepparttar 141351 Holy Spirit had been poured out onrepparttar 141352 Gentiles also. For they heard them speak in tongues and magnify God. Then Peter answered, 'Can anyone forbid water, that these should not be baptized who have receivedrepparttar 141353 Holy Spirit just as we have?'" (Acts 10:44-47)

Those inrepparttar 141354 Charismatic movement claim thatrepparttar 141355 above passage proves that "speaking in tongues" is for today. However, please note what is said in verse 45: "And those ofrepparttar 141356 circumcision who believed were astonished..." In other words, "those ofrepparttar 141357 circumcision who believed" (or Jewish Christians) were astonished that this event had happened. Why? Because it was only natural forrepparttar 141358 Jews to accept that Gentiles were not part ofrepparttar 141359 Christian kingdom just as they had not been fully accepted byrepparttar 141360 Jews. This event made it very clear that God consideredrepparttar 141361 Gentiles just as much eligible to be sons of God through Jesus Christ asrepparttar 141362 Jews were. This event prompted Peter to say, "Can anyone forbid water, that these should not be baptized who have receivedrepparttar 141363 Holy Spirit just as we have?"

Again,repparttar 141364 speaking in tongues was functional - it had a purpose! Can those ofrepparttar 141365 Charismatic movement today claim any such benefit for "speaking in tongues" today? No! Why? Because we today fully accept thatrepparttar 141366 Gospel is for anyone who believes.

Briefly, there are two other events of speaking in tongues which we need to address. First in Acts 19:1-7 we see some disciples of Johnrepparttar 141367 Baptist speaking in tongues. Again, speaking in tongues had a specific purpose. It was necessary for these followers of Johnrepparttar 141368 Baptist to see that Jesus Christ wasrepparttar 141369 one that Johnrepparttar 141370 Baptist spoke of. These twelve would then be able to witness torepparttar 141371 other followers of Johnrepparttar 141372 Baptist that Jesus wasrepparttar 141373 Christ,repparttar 141374 Son ofrepparttar 141375 living God.

In 1 Corinthians 12-14 we have a long treatise aboutrepparttar 141376 gifts ofrepparttar 141377 Spirit, including speaking in tongues. This treatise was given forrepparttar 141378 purpose of confirmingrepparttar 141379 apostleship of Paul so thatrepparttar 141380 people would know that Paul spoke with authority. "If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge thatrepparttar 141381 things which I write to you arerepparttar 141382 commandments ofrepparttar 141383 Lord." (Acts 14:37)

Once again, we see in both of these cases thatrepparttar 141384 ability to speak in tongues was given for specific purposes. In every case of speaking in tongues - as well asrepparttar 141385 other signs, gifts, etc. - that we find inrepparttar 141386 New Testament,repparttar 141387 purpose was to confirmrepparttar 141388 Word of God, and/or to establishrepparttar 141389 authority ofrepparttar 141390 apostle. Can those inrepparttar 141391 Charismatic movement today genuinely show that their "speaking in tongues" hasrepparttar 141392 same purpose or benefits thatrepparttar 141393 speaking in tongues ofrepparttar 141394 New Testament had. If they can, then their "speaking in tongues" is genuine; if they cannot, then their "speaking in tongues" is not Scriptural and therefore subject to perversion.

I am sure that there are many people inrepparttar 141395 Charismatic movement who really believe that "speaking in tongues" is a sign from God. I do not doubtrepparttar 141396 sincerity ofrepparttar 141397 vast majority of those people. (I do doubtrepparttar 141398 sincerity of many of their leaders because they are supposed to be Bible scholars, and as such should know better.) I do not write this article to offend them or belittle them. If they are truly trying to live a Christian life and dorepparttar 141399 will of God, then I love them as a brother or sister in Christ. However, I feel that they should be careful and examinerepparttar 141400 Scriptures to see whatrepparttar 141401 Bible really teaches on this subject. If any church leader can be this incorrect in Bible teaching, then that same leader can be wrong on other subjects. If one is teaching incorrect doctrine as it relates to salvation, then that person is keeping people who follow their teaching from realizing salvation through Christ. The Bible does not give points for being sincere! One receives salvation through obedience torepparttar 141402 Gospel, period!

Part 1 of this subject has dealt withrepparttar 141403 Scriptural aspects of why I don't "speak in tongues." In part 2, I will give some personal reasons - apart fromrepparttar 141404 Scriptures - that I do not "speak in tongues."

All Scriptures quoted are fromrepparttar 141405 New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

Stephen Kingery is an author, preacher, teacher and founder of The Home Bible Study Institute.

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One Conservative's View Of A Maximum Security System

Written by Hoyt W. Allen, Jr.

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B. General Rules

(1) Absolutely no talking would be permitted unless authorized by prison personnel.

(2) No females would be onrepparttar prison staff (anywhere).

(3) No photos of females would be permitted.

(4) Anyone caught engaging in homosexual activity would have surgery performed on them to eliminate future activities. (In fact, if for some strange reason a sexual offender was not executed, he probably would be made a eunuch upon arrival atrepparttar 141340 prison.)

(5) Mail would be sent & distributed only once a week. (All of it would be censored.)

(6) One five-minute phone call "in" would be permitted per month at requested times, and no phone calls "out" would be permitted. Calls would be monitored and recorded for safety's sake. (Remember this is a prison -rights have been forsaken.)

(7) One visit would be permitted per month. (This would be through glass, no touching, and words spoken would be monitored and recorded. No prison breaks are going to be inrepparttar 141341 making.)

(8) Inmates would be constantly shifted around from one area to another and if need be, he could be transferred to another Maximum Security Prison. (This would eliminaterepparttar 141342 formation of "Prison Power Bosses.")

(9) No inmate would be allowed any personal belongings.

(10) Cell searches would be very common and unannounced. (This would disclose any unauthorized smuggled in articles or drugs.)

(11) Rebellious inmates would be subjected to isolated cells with minimal nourishment, until he promised he would stay "in line." If he is in "Solitary Confinement" two times a year, he would be told that his next rebellious act would lead to his execution, and it would be carried out.

(12) Any inmate who insights a riot will be executed.

(13) Sunday would be designated as a day of worship and rest. All religious services would be supervised byrepparttar 141343 Prison Chaplain.

C. Work

(1) Every inmate would be required to work a minimum of 12 hours a day, (thus no need for "Recreation Periods").

(2) Each inmate would be required everyday to produce a volume of work to pay for his room and board and for at least an hour's pay for a guard atrepparttar 141344 prison as well as an hour's pay of an "outside" law enforcement officer. Thus,repparttar 141345 prisons would cease to costrepparttar 141346 tax payer.

(3) Prison clothes would be assigned and each inmate would be responsible for them. If they are abusive to them, then they would go without.

D. Guards

All guards would:

a) undergo strict psychological examination prior to employment and periodically thereafter;

b) have in-depth background checks;

c) be anti-homosexuals;

d) have unannounced drink/drug checks performed on them;

e) understand that if a riot erupts and demands are made by inmates, they would not be met, even ifrepparttar 141347 guards life was threatened;

f) be shifted into different areas ofrepparttar 141348 prison unannounced (This would eliminate guards getting too friendly with inmates.);

g) undercover guards would be "planted" periodically among inmates to eliminate guards providing drugs, etc., to inmates.

h) undergo periodical unannounced searches (This would eliminaterepparttar 141349 carrying in of unauthorized materials torepparttar 141350 inmates.)

i) be assured that undercover government agents would be periodically secretly planted withinrepparttar 141351 inmate population, even withoutrepparttar 141352 prison administration's awareness (This would be forrepparttar 141353 purpose of making certain that all is operating properly.)


I would hope and pray that everyone who reads this article would conclude as I have - "AMERICA NEEDS A RETURNING TO SOME BASICS." It is a miracle to me that we have any law enforcement officers at all. When a person puts his/her life onrepparttar 141354 line to guardrepparttar 141355 American citizens and then they have liberal courts to smackrepparttar 141356 wrist ofrepparttar 141357 criminals for punishment. If an officer shoots and kills a person committing a crime, they are harassed by an investigating board, and made to feel like they have done something wrong in carrying out their responsibility (protectingrepparttar 141358 citizens fromrepparttar 141359 outlaws). May we be praying for guidance from our Creator as to what steps to take to get America back "In Line."

Brother Hoyt W. Allen Jr. is a Restoration author, preacher and director of the KYOWVA Evangelistic Association in Ironton, Ohio. You may visit his website at www.kyowva.com.

Brother Allen's article is courtesy of the The Home Bible Study Institute - www.james1-22.org.

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