Why Have An Article Website?

Written by George

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Having a successful article website

Now, if you have decided or have already run an article resource website, you will most likely want to stand out among other popular site within your categories.

The most obvious point you should bear in mind is to, keep your article content fresh and updated. Using free content available inrepparttar market are not advisable. Try to come out with something unique and perhaps do some comparison, like what interesting or popular topics your competitors do not have as you can consider creating for your site. You can easily know this by doing some market research in various community forums. Just remember, quality content is king!

Another point to note is to spice up some interesting RSS feeds torepparttar 131740 public. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an XML-based format for content distribution that contains a list of items, each of which is identified by a link. Each item can have any amount of metadata associated with it. RSS allowsrepparttar 131741 user or their trafffics to see your site topics without going out of their way to visit it. While this seems bad at first glance, it actually improves your site's visibility; by making it easier for your users to keep up to date with your site - allowing them to see itrepparttar 131742 way they want to - it's more likely that they'll know when something that interests them is available on your site.

You can easily do so with Vezine, create as many feed as you want. An example can be found here in this site, located at your right hand side (Latest News). Once someone click onrepparttar 131743 topic title, s/he will be redirected torepparttar 131744 site whererepparttar 131745 original content is (Full Story).

Of course, in order to attract audience to use your feeds on their website, you will need to convince them with fresh and updated content often as mentioned above. Hence, whenever new articles are being publish by you or your writers, your audience's website who are using your feeds will also haverepparttar 131746 latest articles topic listed. This is one ofrepparttar 131747 benefit of RSS.

Optionally, have designers to design a nice professional looking theme for your Vezine. Navigation usuability do play a big role in this, so choose someone who you are sure they have knowledge in this. Refer to The Art Of Vezine for an idea on how to design themes for your Vezine.


Now that you have got a brief idea on what arerepparttar 131748 benefits of running an article resource site, and an overview of Vezine. You can start right away now. Get yourself a Vezine license and pick up experience as you go and be patient.

Try to focus more onrepparttar 131749 qualities of your article content instead of giving too much attention to your SEO. Remember, word of mouth byrepparttar 131750 public is also another way to booast your web site's reputation.

If writing articles is not within your professionalism, try and get a few writers for help. Perhaps pay them even (Remember I said investment?). Or, you can take this chance as a challenge and write a few articles about what you know or do best in.

No matter what, should you have or decided to run an article resource site, do rememberrepparttar 131751 points stated herein this article. There are lots of great articles or tutorials here in Vezine.net, supplying you various tips on using Vezine and how to do job faster.

Read them up and best of luck!

George as a Web Designer has been involved with numerous server side programming with PHP and MySQL in the past and current. Visit Vezine Articles for more info.

When "inexpensive" isn't cheap enough.

Written by Bob King

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This isrepparttar important part. It's a scalable solution. I can stick my toe intorepparttar 131738 water at no cost but some time and effort. I can be experimental. I can try new things. I can risk total failure with no risk to anything but my pride. But should my ideas prove to be popular - I can then smoothly upgrade to a professional grade service without losing any of my work!

Atrepparttar 131739 time of this writing, I'm using their blog solution [ http://graphictruth.bravenet.com ] as a backup system. My main site is down for server upgrades and being down is death. I'm awfully glad I was able to simply and easily set up a replacement blog where I could continue to write.

I've learned that it's best to have more than one string to my bow. And I'll tell you, I'm impressed enough with this blog engine that I will likely continue using it. It won't replace Graphictruth - but it will become a place I use regularly to speak of things that don't fit my flagship site. I'll continue to use their classifieds as well. Why? It's automated. It's administration is simpler than any solution I've found - and I can use ONE classified solution for any of my sites. I'm going to continue using their photo manager as well. Why? Because it allows me to remote-load; even gives me a url to copy and paste. It makes adding a photo to ANY blog painless and effortless. Ifrepparttar 131740 photo is already uploaded, I don't even have to be at my home computer!

And that'srepparttar 131741 real secret. It's fun to be an IT geek, it really is. But if there is a choice between creatingrepparttar 131742 platform and having content to put ONrepparttar 131743 platform, content HAS to win! Tools like those found at Bravenet allow you to expandrepparttar 131744 sorts of content, enrich your existing content and manage your site easily. Even from a web phone.

Send one of my eCards and see if this service might not just be your little viral marketing secret!

[ http://pub10.bravenet.com/postcard/post.php?usernum=821317112 ]

Or add a free classified here:

[ http://pub10.bravenet.com/classified/show.php?usernum=821317112 ]

Keep it clean, folks. No hate, no R or X, no obscene language.

Bob King is an author, writer, webmaster, poet and artist, not always in that order. He can be found at graphictruth.com most every day.

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