Why Google and Yahoo will eventually lose.

Written by Ratliff J

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5. People who are looking to buy prescription drugs will soon learn to use a different search engine besides Yahoo and Google. Therefore, advertisers will simply move to those search engines that do allow them.

The problem of course isrepparttar stronghold thatrepparttar 131582 drug makers have on us Americans. If rx drugs were as cheap here as they are everywhere else inrepparttar 131583 world, nobody would be usingrepparttar 131584 Internet to order them from a different country.

Of course, untilrepparttar 131585 lawmakers quit lining their pockets with money fromrepparttar 131586 drugmakers, this policy will not change, and some people will continue to buy prescription drugs online. Sadly,repparttar 131587 rest, mostly senior citizens, will simple have to choose between food and drugs.

I am not saying you should order drugs from a different country, but for some people that isrepparttar 131588 only way they can afford them, and that is shameful.

For a licensed pharmacy example, see Drug Review.

J. Ratliff is an avid article writer and website developer.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Written by Geraldine Jensen

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Frequency of keyword placement on a website is important. Use a keyword too many times andrepparttar search engines will think you are spamming it. If you use a keyword more than 5 times inrepparttar 131580 keyword meta tags, search engines consider it spam. But, it must appear at least four times on a page to be picked up as an important keyword byrepparttar 131581 search engines. Placing keywords asrepparttar 131582 name of a link and as headlines placed between headline codes, H1 and /H1 is important. If this takes up too much space becauserepparttar 131583 font is too large reducerepparttar 131584 size insiderepparttar 131585 H1 and /H1 tags by using font tags.

Mark Horrell's Keyword Density Analyzer very helpful. It will tell you which words, and frequency of each word, thatrepparttar 131586 search engine robots will see when it visits your website. With this information, you are abe to determine it you have optimized you site appropriately. See for more marketing tips.

Geraldine Jensen is the owner of several ecommerce websites. She is the publisher and editor of http;//www.familiesonlinemagazine.com, which was chosen as Hotsite by USA Today in October 2004 due to it diverse opinions and good content. She was Webmaster for a nonprofit organization for 10 years. Her newest project is Today's Family Forum.

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