Why Google AdSense Is Not the Nail in the Coffin of Affiliate Programs

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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Most useful web pages have a decent amount of text on them, and AdSense relies heavily on that fact to findrepparttar ads that will most appeal to your visitors. Some frequently visited pages don't follow this rule, though. The affiliate income calculator at AffiliateScreen.com is one ofrepparttar 131796 most frequently visited parts of our site, but it contains almost no text. Unable to determine appropriate ads on a page such as this, Google will display ads for non-for-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. It is a nice gesture, but even if it appeals to your visitors, you aren't paid for this type of untargeted traffic.

As someone who uses Google inrepparttar 131797 role of an advertiser, I prefer to have my ads displayed in search results, instead of included on a page with a great deal of content as is usuallyrepparttar 131798 case with AdSense pages. When a web surfer is looking at search results, they are hunting for information and haven't found it yet. These people are more likely to click my ad. On a page of mostly text, there is a greater chance they've already found what they were looking for. Google even acknowledges this fact to advertisers by pointing out that onlyrepparttar 131799 conversion rate of their ad in search results is used to calculate ad positioning. The much lower conversion rate of ads placed on content-rich pages is ignored.

I have elected to have my ads only appear in search results because I don't want to keep throwing my marketing message at people when they aren't interested. If advertisers as a group lose interest in creating advertisements for AdSense pages,repparttar 131800 payout to webmasters will quickly drop.

I do think AdSense has a place on a content rich web site, and I make use of AdSense on multiple pages at AffiliateScreen.com. I do not think this service will replace affiliate programs, though. Since you know what is going to be advertised on your page with an affiliate program, you can create content that supportsrepparttar 131801 product and will improve conversion rates. The control of affiliate programs also allows you to limitrepparttar 131802 endorsements on your site to onlyrepparttar 131803 best products and services.

Like affiliate programs, AdSense is a tool available to webmasters to generate revenue, as well as provide valuable resources to their visitors. Expect to see both onrepparttar 131804 web sites you visit for years to come.

Copyright (c) 2003 Clay Mabbitt. Clay Mabbitt writes articles about Internet affiliate and MLM opportunities. Need in-depth reviews of the latest online income programs? Find them at http://www.affiliatescreen.com

Internet in Russia and Ukraine - Part 2. Major RuNet and UaNet Search Engines and Directories

Written by Vyacheslav Melnik

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Metabot.ru Meta search engine. Russian and English versions.

Mail.ru (formerly known as List.ru) Directory and email services. Free listing in directory database.

Russia onrepparttar Net - www.ru The very first directory onrepparttar 131793 Russian Internet, founded in September 1995. Russian and English versions. Free inclusion.

Begun.ru The pay-per-click ad placement provider began operating in 2002. Begun uses a sort of simplified FindWhat model, allowing advertisers to bid on keyword phrases and placing pay-per-click ads onrepparttar 131794 search sites and portals throughout Runet. Minimum cost-per-click charge is $0.05, and minimum deposit is $5. If you want to drive traffic to your site via Begun, you have to choose proper keywords, write a text link ad and put in your bid onrepparttar 131795 keywords. Begun's main partners are search engines and directories such as Aport, KM.ru, Refer.ru and Sotovik. PPC advertising currently is rather innovative service onrepparttar 131796 Russian Net.

Virtalog.ru Founded in 2000,repparttar 131797 directory is designed specifically for exporting its content to other websites. Virtalog includes websites into its index free, but those who want to addrepparttar 131798 directory to their sites should pay $20 to 2,500, depending on how it will be tailored torepparttar 131799 webpages in terms of design and goods/services categories. However, Virtalog offers free limited content (within any one category), if you agree to place their banner ad on your page.

KM.ru Founded in 2002 by Cyril and Methodius Company that is best known in Russia and other post-Soviet countries for its CD reference books and encyclopedias,repparttar 131800 site incorporates 20 portals and a daily e-newspaper. Most popular are its directory, and email and Web search services. KM.ru offers free inclusion in its listings. Some 80,000 sites are listed inrepparttar 131801 directory as of September 2003.

Refer.ru The directory began operating in December 2000. Refer.ru not only allows you to add your website, i.e. your home page, but in addition to that some internal pages as well. Since April 2002, Refer.ru has been carrying on advertising campaigns in partnership with Begun. In early September 2003, Refer.ru had over 235,000 URLs stored in its database. Free inclusion services.

Top Uanet Search Engines and Directories

The vast majority ofrepparttar 131802 Ukrainian Web resources are in Russian, especially when it comes to news and sales. Allrepparttar 131803 government-related sites have content in Ukrainian, some of them post a Russian version, and in a very few cases they have an English version as well. The most popular servers can be found viarepparttar 131804 above Russian search engines and directories, but Ukraine has its own national search sites that are much more helpful in doingrepparttar 131805 country-specific searches.

МЕТА.ua Search engine and register (directory), founded in 1998. META is designed to searchrepparttar 131806 Ukrainian portion ofrepparttar 131807 Internet as well as Ukraine-related sites onrepparttar 131808 global Web. META conducts some 100,000 searches daily. By mid-September 2003, META had indexed more than 5.5 million URLs and included about 25,000 websites in its register. To be listed inrepparttar 131809 register, a website must pertain to Ukraine, say geographically or by content. META offers free inclusion services and declares that a site will be listed inrepparttar 131810 search database within one to two weeks. The indexing process, however, may drag on for months unless you place their banner ad on your website.

UaPortal.com.ua Directory and news site in Russian and Ukrainian. Founded in April 2000. The free inclusion service may take weeks or months for your site to be added, but an about nine-dollar fee cut down your long wait to 24 hours. In addition, UAPortal recommends placing their banner ad on your site, promisingrepparttar 131811 shorter review time. There were over 16,000 websites listed inrepparttar 131812 directory in early September 2003.

Google.com.ua Google in Ukrainian. See Google.com.ru above.

UaPlus.com A new search engine that began operating in late June 2003. Developed by Miraline Co. in cooperation withrepparttar 131813 Kiev National University,repparttar 131814 Linux-based project uses its own unique moduls instead of Apache, MySQL and other popular software. UAPlus has indexed over five million pages withinrepparttar 131815 Ukrainian and international portions ofrepparttar 131816 Web. No submission required.

ASearch (search.avanport.com) Search engine and directory in Russian and Ukrainian. Founded in 1998. Free inclusion. Only Ukraine-related sites are accepted and added torepparttar 131817 directory. The search engine indexesrepparttar 131818 Ukrainian portion ofrepparttar 131819 Internet. ASearch claims to berepparttar 131820 leader, holdingrepparttar 131821 most powerful search engine in Ukraine. However, in September 2003,repparttar 131822 site showed its statistics of November 2001. That time they had about 18,000 websites listed and over two million pages indexed. ASearch's job section still is very popular with employers and job seekers.

UaPort.net The site is an ELVISTI project that combines a directory with an information search system onrepparttar 131823 Ukrainian Web. Free inclusion. Upon submission, UAport invites a website to place their button in exchange for a shorter consideration procedure. The directory had some 6,000 websites listed in its 22 categories in early September 2003.

TopPing.com.ua Directory, rating system and counter. Free inclusion. Placing TopPing button (visible counter) on a site is essential for those who wish to userepparttar 131824 rating and counting services free.

Alpha-counter (A-counter.com.ua) Directory, rating system and counter. Founded in 1998. Free inclusion. Free invisible counter is available, but you need to place a text reference torepparttar 131825 provider. More than twenty thousand websites stored inrepparttar 131826 database as of September 10, 2003.

Bigmir.net Directory and rating system. Founded in 2000.

Vyacheslav Melnik is the founder and owner of AzureL10n (http://azurel10n.com), a website specializing in web localization, copywriting and search engine optimization for Runet and Uanet, the Russian and Ukrainian portions of the Internet

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