Why Fitness Equipment Must Be A Vital Part Of Your Health

Written by Its Kirmani

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You can keep them at home, in your office or in your car and maintain a regular exercise schedule despite of your busy lifestyle and occupation. Some of them can be carried in your briefcase if you are a frequent traveler and help you to maintain an uninterrupted exercise schedule.

The new generation exercise equipments are cheap and affordable. You need not purchase different equipment for working out different muscle groups. Most ofrepparttar exercise machines available inrepparttar 139073 market are sufficient to provide a workout for allrepparttar 139074 muscle groups with minimal effort and exertion.

Fitness Equipment Alone Wont Work

Merely purchasingrepparttar 139075 fitness equipment is not going to keep you in good health. To stay slim and healthy, you will need to do regular and consistent exercise withrepparttar 139076 fitness equipment.

You must set a daily target for workout if you are looking for fast as well as long-term results. Make a small notebook to maintain a record of your daily exercise and experiences.

Write some healthy quotes in it and make it a habit to read it daily.

Alternatively, you can pasterepparttar 139077 pictures of your ideal figure in your journal pad to keep you motivated. This will help you in coming back torepparttar 139078 fitness equipment on a regular basis and maintaining a fit and trim figure.

Paul Johnson works as a software developer, often working long hours under great stress. He considers exercise crucial to his health. When purchasing his own fintess equipment he researched all available products. Now he's written a series of useful articles on choosing (and using) exercise equipment.

The Truth About Omega 3

Written by David McEvoy

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While research is still ongoing intorepparttar effects of these fatty acids onrepparttar 139065 heart, research to date has shown that they:

∑ decrease risk of arrhythmias, which can lead to sudden cardiac death ∑ decrease triglyceride levels ∑ decrease growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque ∑ lower blood pressure (slightly)

Additionally, Omega 3 has been reported effective as an anti-inflammatory. And according to an article by Judith Horstman for Arthritis Today, ďThereís strong evidence that fish oil supplements with omega-3 fatty acids can ease rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms, help prevent Raynaudís syndrome spasms and possibly relieve some lupus symptoms.

There is some limited evidence thatrepparttar 139066 reduction in Omega 3 inrepparttar 139067 average western diet can be a contributing factor torepparttar 139068 rise in:

∑ asthma ∑ chronic fatigue syndrome ∑ cystic fibrosis ∑ osteoporosis ∑ prostate cancer

Omega 3 Supplements

Any good doctor or nutritionist will tell you thatrepparttar 139069 best way to get any nutrient is to go right torepparttar 139070 source and eat it throughrepparttar 139071 foods they originate. Inrepparttar 139072 case of Omega 3 this would most likely be inrepparttar 139073 form of fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts, canola oil and soybean oil. That said, this is not always possible givenrepparttar 139074 average westernerís diet and lifestyle. Additionally, for those suffering from sever depression or using Omega 3 to combat an existing condition,repparttar 139075 amount contained inrepparttar 139076 foods we eat may not provide enough of this fatty acid. If this isrepparttar 139077 case then it is important to know what you are looking for.

The supplement should be high in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). EPA, along with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) arerepparttar 139078 two active ingredients in Omega 3. EPA is considered to berepparttar 139079 therapeutic element. It is thus important to purchase a supplement higher in EPA than DHA.

Additional Notes

Due torepparttar 139080 recent developments and study of Omega 3 and all of its potential health benefits,repparttar 139081 majority of studies and information on it are preliminary and based on smaller test groups. Additional research is underway and should provide additional insight into how it works and exactly what its role is inrepparttar 139082 brainís functioning and development.

Currently additional studies are ongoing intorepparttar 139083 roll of Omega 3 in brain and nerve regeneration, depression, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, neck and back pain, stress and an assortment of other mental and physical conditions.

Information on Omega 3 and its properties provided by http://www.mind1st.co.uk/ Mind1st in the sole distributor of PuraEPA with 90% pure EPA. Visit their website for more information on Omega 3 fish oil and how it works.

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