Why Dream Merchants Make More Money

Written by Joanne L. Mason

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The same principle applies to writing winning sales letters. You must appeal torepparttar dreamer that lies inside every prospect. Help them to see your products as more than peddled goods. Build uprepparttar 108198 benefits that your product offers. Focus on fulfilling your customers desires so much that your price is seen as a minimal exchange when compared torepparttar 108199 ultimate satisfaction of achieving their goals and dreams.

Study your niche and understand what they want. Do they want to make more money and become successful in business? Do they want to save money and feel secure? Do they want to lose weight and live healthier? Discover what exactly it is that they want.

Examine your potential customers until you understandrepparttar 108200 motivational triggers that make them buy. Use this information to become a dream merchant. Tell your customers how you can help them achieve their dreams and you’ll have an instant increase in sales.

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Why Copyright?

Written by Jill Black

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You can password protect your e-book and other documents to make cyber piracy of your work more difficult, but PC's andrepparttar document compiler software you use can never provide total security againstrepparttar 108197 determined cyber thief.

It is estimated that every year music, text and image files that are worth an estimated $10 billion to their copyright owners are illegally copied overrepparttar 108198 internet.

When this kind of theft occurs it can go on for quite some time before you find out resulting in a loss fame, recognition and sales revenue which should have been yours.

Copyright law covers most material onrepparttar 108199 Internet and extends to text and images placed on another person's web site. If a feature does not appear to have a copyright marker you should still assume it is copyright and requires permission before using.

Userepparttar 108200 Meta tag element to embed copyright into your HTML documents or web pages.

Similarlyrepparttar 108201 authors name can be embedded in a Meta tag.

Copyright those documents before you find you are a victim with no legal rights because you have failed to takerepparttar 108202 the simple precautionary step of placing a copyright marker on your work.

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