Why Does God Permit Wickedness and Suffering? (Part 2)

Written by ARTHUR ZULU

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What about hatred? Is it a new phenomenon? No. Two fleshly brothers, Esau and Jacob hated each other to death. And do you knowrepparttar origin ofrepparttar 127029 hatred? Jacob buying Esau’s first born birthright with a pot of porridge. Ridiculous? Maybe.

Further down in this list, Joseph’s brothers hated him, sold him into slavery, and was taken to Egypt because of jealousy. King Saul hated David to death because he got more praises for war victories. And Haman plottedrepparttar 127030 extermination ofrepparttar 127031 Jewish race in Persia duringrepparttar 127032 reign of Ahaseurus. Why? Because Mordecai,repparttar 127033 Jew refused to bow down to him.

Even war as one historian said, has been “a constant in history” . God himself destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha. The Israelites fought many wars againstrepparttar 127034 inhabitants of Canaan and occupied their lands under God’s direction. Even God allowedrepparttar 127035 nation of Israel to be later destroyed by Babylon, and Babylon itself was later destroyed byrepparttar 127036 Persians. Again, whenrepparttar 127037 church Holy Fathers abuse children, newsmen go to town. But do you know thatrepparttar 127038 sons of high priest Eli -- Holpni and Phinehas, who also were officiating priests, were having sexual intercourse with women right beforerepparttar 127039 temple? The Israeli men abused, maltreated and divorced their wives on flimsy excuses in Bible times. Even some burnt their children in sacrifice to idols, while others killed and ate theirs!

What is more? Of courserepparttar 127040 list is endless: Delilah betrayed Samson, her husband torepparttar 127041 Philistines; Achan stole dedicated spoils of war in Jericho;repparttar 127042 sons of Korah rebelled againstrepparttar 127043 leadership of Moses;repparttar 127044 Gibeonites trickedrepparttar 127045 Israelites, and Ananiasrepparttar 127046 thief and Peterrepparttar 127047 Apostle, lied.

Now God has permitted and is still allowing these bad things to happen in our time. Why does he permit it? But before we answer that question, let us first find out if God exists. (To be continued)

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The Sign

Written by Jerry Bernard

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and Jerry Bernard explainsrepparttar scripture in layman's language. Forty three years of study in eschatology. This study is fromrepparttar 127028 Preterist position.

Bible Conference Teacher, Vice President of Scripture Research, Director of The Bible Study Group by Emails.

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