Why Do We Publish?

Written by Michael LaRocca

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But, then comes marketing. Biggest pain in the... Well, let's just say it makes me want to not publish sometimes. So, why publish?

I've enteredrepparttar EPPIES three times, and been a finalist three times. The second time one of my books was an EPPIE finalist, I made some wisecrack in an author's egroup about how "finalist" is a synonym for "loser" and was raked overrepparttar 148974 coals.


(Maybe I annoyed entrants who weren't finalists. I'd always wondered if they existed...)

So, let's say I'm not publishing for money or awards. They sing a siren song to new authors which this jaded old bastard quit hearing long ago. I got all that out of my system inrepparttar 148975 previous millenium. So, why do I still publish? What are my rewards? Let me mention a few.

A psychologist turned English teacher formed a women's reading group atrepparttar 148976 university where we once worked together in China. Her concept was women readers, women writers. Butrepparttar 148977 first bookrepparttar 148978 group ever discussed was my very own RISING FROM THE ASHES, which is about Mom. My only foray into "women's literature." I couldn't attendrepparttar 148979 reading group, since I'm a guy, but my wife was there. What I learned about my book is priceless, as is knowing what those young students discussed because of my writing. Issues of such depth that I'd be proud to inspire any student, in any country, in any language, to tackle them.

I used to work on North Carolina hog farms. I enjoyedrepparttar 148980 company of some damn fine people at every one of them. Hog farming is hard work. This isn'trepparttar 148981 backyard family farm, folks, this is 13 people with 98 boars, 3500 sows, and allrepparttar 148982 babies they can make. One of my toughest coworkers was a lesbian who could break Xena in half, and my one foray into writing horror gave her nightmares.

I don't consider myself a poet, and I believe most ofrepparttar 148983 reading world agrees with me. But, I have published 6 poems. There is one that a hog farm coworker insists will be read at his funeral. Don't ask me why he was planning his funeral during our lunch break because I have no idea. But, well, I guess I'm invited, in a manner of speaking.

Master Pizza, 30th Street, Tampa, Florida. A bunch of drunken Italian relatives reading one of my less-than-serious poems ALOUD between pitchers of beer. It was like a Joe Dolce moment.

I was working as a security guard in a particularly unpleasant place. This was 20 years ago, I think. A fellow guard read one of my short stories. It is, by far,repparttar 148984 most allegorical thing I've ever written. I can't tell you how many times I've thought about throwing it out. But then, I remember Bob's words. "This is me. This is my life." Me too, old pal, and I don't care if you and I arerepparttar 148985 only two readers to have any idea what I'm talking about. {Scapegoat Bob!}

I've written some pretty heady volumes, but I've also written quite a few short works. I've heard from numerous students here in China that, "This isrepparttar 148986 first book in English I've ever finished reading." When I write, I certainly never set out to help anyone learn English. (Some of my editors may claim I never learnedrepparttar 148987 language.) And, students will LIE to teachers. But I've decided that at least one was tellingrepparttar 148988 truth.

When I leftrepparttar 148989 US, I embarked on several journeys. Learning to live in China. Learning to love again. Taking another shot atrepparttar 148990 writer dream. And, eventually, teaching. After all that, I tried my hand at writing humor forrepparttar 148991 first time. Every time I hear my wife laugh at something I've written, I file it away as a reason to keep writing.

I've written one play in my life. I was young, and quite hooked onrepparttar 148992 album (pre-CD days) JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. So, you guessed it, I tackled JC. I wrote something that nobody can read without having a powerful reaction. Readers love it or they hate it. I'm proud of that. And hey, it's only one act long. I have a short attention span.

I loaned Clint "Two Dawgs" Hill my very first book. My cousin. He took it to Durham (North Carolina) and loaned it to a bunch of hippie buddies. He asked for another, becauserepparttar 148993 first one fell apart from overuse. That's why we publish. People all but fighting forrepparttar 148994 chance to read my words. And heck,repparttar 148995 book wasn't even good yet. It's 20 years older now.

I mention all this forrepparttar 148996 jaded old bastards who have a few novels and bit of minor success under their belts. Nobody else is reading this anymore, are they?

So, maybe this is why we don't just stop whenrepparttar 148997 book is written, stick it in a drawer, and uncorkrepparttar 148998 champagne. Although I do hope you uncorkedrepparttar 148999 champagne. This planet contains far too many people who "want to be authors" but who haven't written a book. Never have, never will. Meanwhile, you and I are sitting here knowing we had no choice. We had to write.

Why publish? Heck, why not?

Michael LaRocca's website at http://www.chinarice.org was chosen by WRITER'S DIGEST as one of The 101 Best Websites For Writers in 2001 and 2002. His response was to throw it out and start over again because he's insane. He teaches English at a university in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, and publishes the free weekly newsletter WHO MOVED MY RICE?

Competition is Good, Copying is Bad

Written by S. Housley

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What is Next? If you feel your copyright has, in fact, been violated there are a number of steps that you can take. Contacting third party service providers is a good starting point. Make a list ofrepparttar providers with whom you can contact to reportrepparttar 148973 violations.

1. Hosting 2. Online Ordering 3. If Software, Download Sites 4. Associations or Organizations

Aside from service providers, consider using existing relationships with parties who have a mutual interest or relationship withrepparttar 148974 other party. Often, knowing key people can result in a rapid response and increased dialogue withrepparttar 148975 purported offender.

Send simultaneous emails to each ofrepparttar 148976 parties identified. Include details ofrepparttar 148977 violation; using a PDF that displays screen captures or copies of text violations with website pointers is helpful. Inrepparttar 148978 email, explainrepparttar 148979 action you wish to occur. If you wantrepparttar 148980 web host to removerepparttar 148981 website, say so. Also, ask that they keep you apprised ofrepparttar 148982 situation.

In most cases you will receive responses from webhosts or registration services that require you to provide additional details so thatrepparttar 148983 infringement can be investigated. It may seem obvious torepparttar 148984 copyright holder, butrepparttar 148985 web hosts typically have a contractual agreement with their clients and are legally obligated to research any infringements before removing hosting or registration services.

Send a Cease and Desist letter and an email detailing that a copyright has been violated, include a reasonable deadline by whichrepparttar 148986 offending copy or application should be removed. It is not necessary to providerepparttar 148987 offenderrepparttar 148988 details ofrepparttar 148989 violation, as it is likely they are already aware ofrepparttar 148990 offenses that have occurred. These actions will generally open a dialogue withrepparttar 148991 offender. Ifrepparttar 148992 offender ignores requests to removerepparttar 148993 material that infringes on your copyright, pursue action with third party services. This will likely getrepparttar 148994 offender's attention.

Artists, developers, and writers all work hard to create unique material and copyrights should be respected by all.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll http://www.feedforall.com software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage http://www.notepage.net a wireless text messaging software company.

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