Why Do I Need A Database?

Written by Dan Grossman

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The content management system also would allow you to add, edit or remove content from your site without editing many webpages. You'd simply have separate pages setup which allow you to editrepparttar information stored inrepparttar 132082 database.

Why Do I Want To Do This? -------------------------

There are many reasons to use a database-driven content management system as opposed to many static webpages. Several are:

1. Easier To Change Site Design

With a database-driven site, there is really only one webpage. The content ofrepparttar 132083 site is inserted into this page dynamically when it is requested based on information passed torepparttar 132084 page (such asrepparttar 132085 article number).

This means changingrepparttar 132086 look ofrepparttar 132087 entire site can be as easy as changingrepparttar 132088 HTML in that one page. The page would contain both HTML and programming code for whatever language you chose.

2. Easier To Update Your Site

Using a database-driven content system, you no longer have to create a separate webpage for each piece of content you want on your site. By setting up a form which submits information to add to your database, you can updaterepparttar 132089 site just by copying and pasting a piece of content intorepparttar 132090 form, and adding it torepparttar 132091 database. If you writerepparttar 132092 site to take articles based on date, for example,repparttar 132093 new content could appear immediately on your site.

How Do I Create a Content Management System? --------------------------------------------

Here are several places you can learn about building a database- driven website, specifically with PHP and mySQL:

1. http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/programming/php/

WebMonkey's PHP Programming section has many well-written articles and tutorials dealing with both PHP programming and interacting with mySQL. They even have a "PHP/mySQL Tutorial."

2. http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/backend/databases/

WebMonkey's Backend Databases section includes information about choosing a database system, an introduction to databases, several tutorials and more.

3. http://wdvl.com/Authoring/Languages/PHP/

The Web Developer's Virtual Library has several good tutorials and information aboutrepparttar 132094 PHP language and how to use it in conjunction with mySQL databases.

There are many uses of databases in websites, and a content management system is just one of them. Hopefully this article has informed you on exactly what a database is and has provided you with several links to good starting points for those who are interested in using a database in their site.

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Is There Spice in Your Websites?

Written by Dr. Denise Bennerson

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Then, came inrepparttar negative reviews from various individuals who revisited. They wanted to know where were allrepparttar 132079 moving stuff andrepparttar 132080 music. They inquired, “What happened to your site? I used to send people to your site, just to see what it looked like. I thought it was a nice site.” That bit of feedback re-assured me that I needed to go back and add some spice to my site.

I began to addrepparttar 132081 spice, keepingrepparttar 132082 format. Bit by bit I added back some ofrepparttar 132083 animations. In particular,repparttar 132084 swaying palm trees andrepparttar 132085 lizard withrepparttar 132086 bouncing head. Those two animations everyone likes. I also addedrepparttar 132087 walking feet and a fish swimming. These animations are tastefully placed through outrepparttar 132088 site. In addition, I added some other interactive components. The site is constantly being updated. It changes to keep it freshly spiced for all visitors.

Now I’m not recommending that everyone should spice up their website with swaying palm trees and lizards. However, I would recommend that you add spice to your web site according to your gut feelings. Also take into consideration you and your products culture. The infusion of spice can make a big difference in someone glancing at your site and leaving, or staying around to see what other goodies or surprises you may have to lure them. Yea, mon!

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