Why Democrats Lose Elections: They aren't dumb. They're asleep.

Written by Kenn Gividen

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While Democrats had no chance of snatching Millerís followers, they did have a wide-open opportunity to send them torepparttar Libertarian. It would have taken only 8 percent of Millerís supporters to tiltrepparttar 125883 election in favor of Democrat Joe Kernan. Butrepparttar 125884 Democrats did nothing. Snore.

The Republicans, meanwhile, did plenty.

For starters, a here-to-fore unknown PAC dumped a ton of cold cash into a direct mail campaign. The target was Joe Kernan. The benefactor wasrepparttar 125885 Libertarian challenger. The result? Kernan lost votes. Those were votesrepparttar 125886 Republicans would never have captured. Nice play.

Whatís more,repparttar 125887 Republicans kept close tabs on their Libertarian opponent. Stuffing his Web site with e-mail addresses,repparttar 125888 GOP receivedrepparttar 125889 Libertarianís weekly updates. Any appeal to Miller supporters was noted and challenged. The risk of losing Miller votes was a chance they would not take. Another nice play.

The Democrats, meanwhile, were sound asleep. One Miller supporter went so far as to personally appeal torepparttar 125890 Democrats for support. A win by Daniels, he knew, would keep Miller from running inrepparttar 125891 next election. The election returns provedrepparttar 125892 Republicans right andrepparttar 125893 Democrats to be snoozing.

Another case in point wasrepparttar 125894 defeat of Democratic Congressman Baron Hill by Republican Mike Sodrel. The margin of victory was less than 2,000 votes. The Libertarian challenged garnered 4,698 votes. Hadrepparttar 125895 Democrats offeredrepparttar 125896 Libertarian candidate even a modest amount of support,repparttar 125897 election would have likely tilted towardrepparttar 125898 Democrat.

The groggy-eyed Democrats, meanwhile, are outside looking in, clueless as to what happened. But who knows? Maybe between now and 2006 theyíll wake up.

Kenn Gividen Chair of the Libertarian Party of Bartholomew County (Columbus), coordinator of the Writers' Bureau and 2004 gubernatorial candidate.

Some truly frightening statistics regarding economic freedom in The Untied States

Written by Mike Sylvester

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Consider this; Germany is a socialist country in every sense ofrepparttar word. Their government is large. They have large and generous retirement and entitlement programs, they have a government health care system, and they have all ofrepparttar 125882 social programs you would associate with a Socialist country. The German government spends 49% of its total GDP.

The United States is not far behind. We are becoming more Socialist each and every year. We are losing our civil liberties every year. I used to associate this withrepparttar 125883 Democratic Party, I no longer do. The Republican Party has had a majority inrepparttar 125884 House, Senate, and a Republican President in office forrepparttar 125885 last four years. In those four yearsrepparttar 125886 Federal government has increased education spending by 78%, passed a large and ineffective prescription drug program that benefitsrepparttar 125887 drug companies rather then our senior citizens, and increased spending on EVERY government program.

I believe in a smaller, more efficient government. I believe inrepparttar 125888 power ofrepparttar 125889 fifty states to make their own laws without undue Federal intervention. I believe that bigger is not necessarily better. I believe that individualís are responsible for their own actions. I believe we need less regulation and fewer barriers to business owners. I believe inrepparttar 125890 United States Constitution. I believe this country is stillrepparttar 125891 greatest country on Earth; however, I believe it is in grave danger.

If you feel as I do, please contact me. We have organized a group of like minded people in Allen County and we are politically active in local politics. We need to elect some people to public office with views like ours and we need to keeprepparttar 125892 public informed about what our government is doing. Please call me at 260-338-0833 or contact us at AllenCountyLP.org.

Mike Sylvester Chairman, Libertarian Party of Allen Country Fort Wayne

I am a happily married citizen in Fort Wayne, Indaina. I have two wonderful children. I am a returning adult student at IPFW preparing for the CPA exam.

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