Why Create Your Yearly Theme?

Written by Maria Marsala

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A life theme can be a few words... or even one word to describe what you overall want to accomplish. What's important is that it inspires you. Some examples are...

Forgive. I'm worth it! Financial Freedom Here I Come! Move'n on. Have fun, fun, fun in all I do! Put down roots. Be present, present be. Be a successful me. Withrepparttar holidays just aroundrepparttar 131472 corner, now is a great time to create your theme for next year.

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Self Esteem

Written by Sheri Bardo

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person,Ö if only they would, or could do this or that. If their finances are not what they desire, they ask what can I do to change this and they tap into their creative, intuitive side to do this. They do not waste time saying, there is never enough, if only I had a better job, if only, if only. They set about discovering why this is presently their situation. True self esteem values itself, it says, I can do, I can have, I can make my life what I desire it to be. Think ofrepparttar Cartoon, Winnie The Poo Eore has no self esteem, he expects things to go wrong and they usually do. Tigger on repparttar 131469 other hand, bounces through life, always hopeful, always on an adventure, even when his friends try to pull him in, he just seesrepparttar 131470 bouncy side of things. He exasperates those who need total order, or control. Tigger is truly, just Tigger. He loves his friends just as they are and even grouchy old rabbit canít dampen his spirits. I love Tigger, though I certainly have had my Eore moments! If you get a chance, watchrepparttar 131471 cartoon or read a Poo book. See who you identify with and who irritates youÖ. This week try and be aware ofrepparttar 131472 times you feel uncomfortable, depressed, discouraged, irritated, frustrated, out of control, orrepparttar 131473 flip side, very independent, self sufficient, (donít need any one else, I will do it myself, no one else can do it right), opinionated, critical, positional, and ask yourself, where am I not valuing myself. Start a journal. Keep track, start to be responsible for your life and yourself, find creative intuitive ways to make changes, your inner self knows what it needs. Read a book on self improvement, take a class, find a support group, get a coach!! Get in touch with your true self which is perfect in every way. Your true self esteems who it is because it knows it was created perfect by a perfect creator. It isrepparttar 131474 false self that finds fault in who it is and lacks self esteem. Finding your Authentic or true self isrepparttar 131475 only adventure you canít afford to miss in life.

I am a Life Coach. I have a background in business, sales, public relations, and spiritual counseling. I own and operate Authentically You Retreats and Life Coaching . My Life Purpose is to live a life of Authenticity, Spiritual Truth, Abundance, Creativity and Celebration of all life's possibilities. I believe there is greatness in each individual and my joy is to take others on the adventure of finding their own greatness.

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