Why Christian and atheist libertarians get along

Written by Kenn Gividen

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The inherent problem with atheists atrepparttar helm of government can be seen by recounting life underrepparttar 105748 rule of French atheist Maximilien Robespierre. More than a century after Queen Elizabeth executed Catholics, and 200 years after Bloody Mary was being bloody, Robespierre was sending thousands torepparttar 105749 guillotine. The atheistic government of Joseph Stalin killed millions and Pol Potís Khmer Rouge slaughtered hundreds of thousands.

Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and atheists have one thing in common: When any sectarian group controls government, people die. Yet that wasrepparttar 105750 norm of world history untilrepparttar 105751 17th century.

A place atrepparttar 105752 table

Perhapsrepparttar 105753 most momentous day in American history was February 5, 1631 when a free-thinking British preacher named Roger Williams alit from a ship in Bostonís harbor. Williams purchased land fromrepparttar 105754 Indians and founded a community that became Rhode Island. Unlikerepparttar 105755 other colonies, Rhode Island separated civil and ecclesiastical governments. No sect would control government. Rather, all would have a place atrepparttar 105756 table.

Williamsí philosophy of religious liberty was perceived to be an invitation to disaster. Butrepparttar 105757 anticipated quarreling amongrepparttar 105758 sects never materialized. In fact,repparttar 105759 arrangement resulted in religious harmony. No religious institution felt threatened by any other, for all were free to believe (or not believe) as they pleased. There was no reason to burn your neighbors atrepparttar 105760 stake for having too many holes in their sleeves.

And that takes us back torepparttar 105761 original question.

Why do Libertarians ó Christians, atheists and other sectarians ó manage to get along? The answer is simple. Like Williams, we understandrepparttar 105762 principle of inclusion. Everyone has a place atrepparttar 105763 table. And so, I can relishrepparttar 105764 thought of beingrepparttar 105765 most religious guy inrepparttar 105766 Libertarian Party without fear of Charlie sending me torepparttar 105767 gulag. Erstwhile, my Christian friends will continue to call merepparttar 105768 most libertarian guy inrepparttar 105769 Baptist church.


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Ten Thousand Fugitives and the Beach Boys

Written by Roger Wright

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Inrepparttar background to all that potato chip crunching-- Brian Wilsonís lyric about a chariot that would somehow take a chubby little boy far, far away fromrepparttar 105747 yellow linoleum floor inrepparttar 105748 kitchen ofrepparttar 105749 California tract house where he had rolled himself up in a ball to absorbrepparttar 105750 kicks and slaps poured out on him by his Dad and future Beach Boy Manager---Murray.

None of it bruised his body inrepparttar 105751 car. No shame in that car.

When something comes up to me They donít even try Cos if I had a set of wings I know I could fly.

Flying home on Dempster, right byrepparttar 105752 canal. Mid day traffic light so I can move. My faithful green Honda now transformed into cherry red, gleaming chrome:

Sheís got a competition clutch With a four onrepparttar 105753 floor and She purrs like a kitten tillrepparttar 105754 tail pipes roar

So if I stopped at Steak and Shake, I wouldnít get a Triple Steak burger. Iím not THAT far gone. That would be for people who actually had a problem. Iíd limit it to a double. And a small fries. A medium coke. No way would I get a large coke.

And then there arerepparttar 105755 families of these 10,000 bad guys. Thatís a lot of people!

But I wouldnít have a Triple Steak burger. I had control. And maybe there really were ten thousand real bad guys out here with me driving east on Dempster into Evanston. Maybe they were REAL bad guys. And it wasnít a political stunt orrepparttar 105756 first shot in real class warfare.

Maybe we had more cops out there now. Maybe we got back some ofrepparttar 105757 money we spent onrepparttar 105758 war to pay for cops, for feeding hungry kids, sheltering battered and bruised kids, maybe it was all like getting a refund at that Home Depot right behindrepparttar 105759 Steak and Shake. Maybe I could go in there fat and happy full of steak burger---my second lunch having soothed my hungry and ravenous soulómaybe I could go stand patiently in line inrepparttar 105760 Home Depot and they would offer a refund onrepparttar 105761 war. Something to credit my account. And somewhere deep insiderepparttar 105762 giant warehouse I would findrepparttar 105763 nourishing commands that would somehow feed my empty soul.

I get pushed out of shape and its hard to steer when I get rubber In all four gears.

My first lunch? A few minutes ago? Forgotten.

Just as soon as I bit into that double steak burger, I wouldnít be hungry anymore. Then I could bop over to Home Depot. Get a few necessities forrepparttar 105764 house. Throw on some old Beach Boys tunes and cruise on back home. Iím sure thatrepparttar 105765 ten thousand people who were arrested today---Iím sure thatís a good thing. Wouldnít want people to think Iím a wild eyed liberal or something. Soft on crime. And I am in control. Not a Triple Steak burger. Only a double.

With cheese.

Roger Wright can be found on the Salon Blog "Church Fod Chicago"

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