Why Choose a Professionally Written Resume?

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

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* "What makes a resume writer a "professional" writer?

There are several well known professional resume writing organizations through which individuals can attain professional resume writing credentials. These includerepparttar National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA) andrepparttar 136061 Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). Individuals who attain accreditation from these organizations have demonstrated an in depth knowledge ofrepparttar 136062 resume writing process. The writers at http://www.impressive-resumes.com are certified by one or more such organizations.

* "What are some ofrepparttar 136063 benefits of hiring a professional resume writer to write my resume for me?"

There are many. You'll likely save time and almost certainly money inrepparttar 136064 long run. You'll avoid making one or more ofrepparttar 136065 common resume writing mistakes that so many people make when writing their own resumes. You'll enjoyrepparttar 136066 peace of mind that comes with knowing your resume was "done right" fromrepparttar 136067 beginning. You'll be able to devote more time to doing allrepparttar 136068 other things required of you when looking for a new job. And you'll have someone in your court who has your best career interests at heart.

* "How do I work with a professional resume writer?"

Nowadays you no longer need to meet with a resume writer in person or by telephone to conduct an interview. You can order an online resume and complete your interview conveniently on your own schedule. In fact, purchasing an online resume that is written by a professional resume writer is one ofrepparttar 136069 nice things aboutrepparttar 136070 online world. The whole process is built around YOU. You andrepparttar 136071 professional resume writer working with you always haverepparttar 136072 option to communicate by telephone or email if additional information is required.

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Copywriter and consultant Vincent Czaplyski is founder of http://www.impressive-resumes.com, your online source for professionally written "industrial strength" resumes and cover letters guaranteed to land you an interview.

How to Reach Your Next Job Faster with Fewer Potholes and Roadblocks

Written by Marta L. Driesslein

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Regret for time wasted can become a power for good inrepparttar time that remains. We often in hindsight, look so long and so regretfully uponrepparttar 136002 closed doors that we donít seerepparttar 136003 one which has opened for us. Use these ten tips to anticipate and plan your next job search move. Your foresight here will convert regrets, disappointments and fears into much needed fuel to strengthen your chances to reach your next career destination faster:

1. Develop a sense of urgency to move fast on opportunities. Measurerepparttar 136004 value of everything you do againstrepparttar 136005 results you expect.

2. Recognize and exploit cycles and trends in your industry.

3. Update your knowledge continually through coursework, news and blog reading, and active participation in trade association activities.

4. Segment your targeted employers and focus on those who can benefitrepparttar 136006 most, immediately, from what you are selling.

5. Anticipate how you can differentiate your product (you) from every other similar product (your competition) inrepparttar 136007 marketplace.

6. Analyze your competition thoroughly through strategic market research; be clear about where youíre strong and theyíre weak.

7. Make a list of allrepparttar 136008 reasons why an employer should hire you. Translate them into personalized solutions, organize them by priority and memorize.

8. Identifyrepparttar 136009 primary objections to why an employer might not hire you and then develop bulletproof answers to those objections. 9. Refuse to letrepparttar 136010 fear of rejection hold you back. Donít take rejection personally.

10. Never forget that whatever got you to where you are today is not enough to keep you there.

Hot career advice: Donít let other job seekers gain tactical advantage because your paralysis of analysis or inertia derailed momentum. Anything less than total commitment to excellence becomes acceptance of mediocrity. Use career campaign foresight to continually deal with and calculate your future. By doing so youíll fast forward to your next career pit stop and avoid most job hunting potholes and roadblocks. Remember: Itís not about where youíve been. Itís about where youíre headed. Be alert. Look ahead.

Marta L. Driesslein is a senior management consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc. (www.interviewing.com), a career marketing firm and organization celebrating over 24 years of providing strategic marketing solutions for its clientsí career transitioning needs. Email inquiries and comments to publicrelations@rlstevens.com.

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