Why Canít My Cell Phone Go Into Power Save Mode?

Written by Gina Novelle at www.thirdpocket.com

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Every once in a while, just before it dies, I yell ďhello, I canít talk, because my cell phone battery is beeping.Ē Then all I hear isrepparttar annoying tone, signally my cell phone just flat lined. Hey, itís not like they can call me back and find out what I needed. As a matter of fact, my husband pointed that out to me. He says it only causes others to worry, and they couldnít even find me using my cell phone as a tracking device Ė duh,repparttar 137183 battery is dead! If my cell phone transmission can be tracked and possibly save my life, then why does my adding machine have power save mode, but not my cell phone?

My technical friend tried to give me an answer. He told me that if cell phones shut down, there wasnít a way to turn them back on. As I leftrepparttar 137184 room, thinking to myself, ďthatís just like a tech, if they canít do it, then it canít be done.Ē I wanted to scream, ďever hear of remote operations.Ē Come on. What makes my HP G85 wake up? A signal is sent to it from a computer. Donít we have digital phones now? You can send e-mail to my phone, but you canít send a signal to wake uprepparttar 137185 battery? Iíll ask one more time!

Why canít my cell phone go into power save mode?

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How to Add Audio to Video

Written by Ross MacIver

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Once you have your audio file, you can process it for noise reduction, bring uprepparttar volume, add music or do any digital magic to it that you desire.

With many video editing packages, however, it isnít necessary to splitrepparttar 137134 audio to a separate file. Even simple packages like Windows Movie Maker have basic audio editing functions, and you can add separate music or voice tracks and mix all of them together.

If you have a particular audio file that you would like to use in your video (maybe a special effect or a voice over that you have recorded separately) simply add that file torepparttar 137135 list of media to be included inrepparttar 137136 video. Other media formats can be separate video files, picture files or graphics.

The audio file can be placed anywhere onrepparttar 137137 time-line, and you can userepparttar 137138 same file many times without requiring any extra storage space on your computer. For precise placement, zoom allrepparttar 137139 way into your timeline and placerepparttar 137140 audio exactly in sync withrepparttar 137141 video. Thatís it! You are well on your way to making professional-looking videos!

Ross is an enthusiast audio professional take advantage of his knowledge about MP3, AAC,OGG, FLAC SHN and other compression techniques

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