Why Become a Truck Driver?

Written by Joe Regan

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Trucking is not an easy job. I won’t try to make it seem like it is. For one thing, you’re away from home a lot. But even that, you do have some control over. For example, if you’rerepparttar type who likes to be home quite a bit, there are truck driving jobs whererepparttar 109275 drivers are home every weekend, and in some cases, there are trucking jobs whererepparttar 109276 drivers are home every night. It must be noted though, that some of those jobs don’t pay as well asrepparttar 109277 long haul jobs do.

Is trucking for you? Only you can decide that. If you think that it is for you,repparttar 109278 first step is to enter a truck driving school. There are great schools located in every region of this country.

Find a Truck Driving School near you.

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Protect Your Children Education At No Cost To You

Written by Mary Yorke

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Underrepparttar program, individuals are eligible to participate if they:

are betweenrepparttar 109274 ages of 19 and 42 are currently employed (either full or part time) arerepparttar 109275 parent or legal guardian of one or more dependent children under age 18 are a permanent, legal resident ofrepparttar 109276 U.S. have a total family income between $10,000 (minimum) and $40,000 (maximum) arerepparttar 109277 only family member who has applied forrepparttar 109278 LifeBridge Program are in good health. Covered expenses include books, tuition, fees, and room and board. The types of schools covered include pre-school, private school, trade schools, colleges and universities.

Remember, there’s no time likerepparttar 109279 present to think about your children’s education. Take advantage of this free program NOW.

Register now! Call 718-638-3322, email mihrn@mcbss.com, or visit http://www.mcbss.com/lifebridge.shtml to register forrepparttar 109280 LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program Information Session. Visit www.mcbss.com

MCB is headquartered in New York. MCB provides customized recruiting services and solutions torepparttar 109281 financial services industry. Our goal is to deliver significant value to our clients through our solutions-centered approach to recruiting, staffing, and consulting services. For more information about MCB, visit www.mcbss.com

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Mary Yorke 718-638-3322 MCB "Solutions & Services" www.mcbss.com

Consultant MCB "Solutions & Services" http://www.mcbss.com

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