Why Attend A Clinic

Written by Bill Dunigan

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Hopefully, you will be able to gain enough insight into how best to resolve your particular problems. The clinician is there to help you. The last thing inrepparttar world you should want at a clinic is for your horse to go perfectly or for you to ride perfectly. You are paying forrepparttar 138182 help, so if you are ever going to make mistakes, this isrepparttar 138183 time to do it. That way you can really get your moneyís worth. Ifrepparttar 138184 clinician never seesrepparttar 138185 problem, there isnít much they can do to help you take care of it. Donít be timid about asking questions. I know that when I am teaching a clinic I want questions. That shows me that they are paying attention and have a sincere interest. You may not haverepparttar 138186 chance to work with that individual again so be sure you learn as much as possible. If something is mentioned to either you or another rider and you donít quite understand it, go ahead and ask. I never want a student to go away from any of my clinics without understanding what was discussed.

In summery let me say that one ofrepparttar 138187 aims of an instructor is to impart as much knowledge as they can, in a given period of time, in such a way that each and every rider can improve and continue to grow in their riding and training abilities. As a participant in a clinic you should watch and listen to everything being said. It may not be something that you need right now, but you never know what you might encounter later with your current horse orrepparttar 138188 next one. If you haverepparttar 138189 opportunity to attend a clinic, donít hesitate. There are many very capable clinicians available today in all riding disciplines. Take advantage ofrepparttar 138190 opportunity to work with someone different and if you make it a real learning experience, you just may gain some valuable information that can help you now and well intorepparttar 138191 future.

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Bill Dunigan has been teaching and competing in excess of 40 years. He has taught and competed in Barrel Racing, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Dressage and served as President of a local Dressage Association. During this time, he Fox Hunted four days a week with two different Hunt clubs, one of which he served as Joint Master. Bill qualified six years in a row for the World Championships with the National Barrel Horse Association.

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Written by David D. Deprice

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