Why Articles Are Not The Route To High Search Engine Rankings

Written by Priya Shah

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Inrepparttar eyes of search engines, those pages with higher Pagerank (and hence greater importance) than yours will now rank better than you forrepparttar 127902 keywords your article is optimized for.

Instead of making your articlerepparttar 127903 main course, use it as an appetizer to direct search engines and readers to a UNIQUE, keyword-rich, well-optimized report or white paper on your website, and you'll see dramatically different results.

2. Use Your Article As Spider Bait

Think of your articles as simplyrepparttar 127904 conduit that leads search engines to your website.

Publishing your articles all overrepparttar 127905 web is like leaving scraps for a puppy (a.k.a.repparttar 127906 search engines) that follows them allrepparttar 127907 way back torepparttar 127908 kennel (a.k.a. your website) where it can feast onrepparttar 127909 main course - your UNIQUE content.

3. Use Keyword-Rich Anchor Text In Your Resource Box

Use your main keyword or keyphrase inrepparttar 127910 anchor text ofrepparttar 127911 article resource box that contains a link pointing back to your unique content.

This will create hundreds of keyword-rich links pointing back torepparttar 127912 well-optimized report on your website, and give your pages a powerful edge over other websites.

Often this factor alone is sufficient to take your website torepparttar 127913 top ofrepparttar 127914 search results, especially with search engines like Google and MSN.

The guidelines here include only a few ofrepparttar 127915 steps you need to take to get high rankings forrepparttar 127916 keywords of your choice.

To learn how to use your articles and unique content to get an edge over your competitors and secure long-term, top rankings for your website, check outrepparttar 127917 search engine optimization ebook, Number One In Your Niche.


Priya Shah is the author of Number One In Your Niche http://www.NumberOneInYourNiche.com and edits the newsletter Be a Whiz at eBiz! http://ebizwhiz-publishing.com

Website ranking with an internet marketing specialist

Written by Frank Levert

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As mentioned, it is important to first define your goals and evaluaterepparttar potential of your website. A good internet marketing specialist should be able to help you go through this process and elaborate a solid strategy. He isrepparttar 127901 expert, your consultant. This is why you are investing in him. Although, some companies will offer keyword analysis services as a seperate service. There is nothing wrong with this practice and it can actually give you more flexibility inrepparttar 127902 development of your website. Not havingrepparttar 127903 service at all would be something to worry about!

After elaborating a strategy, your internet marketing specialist will get intorepparttar 127904 development process. Can he actually build a nice looking website or will he just put a bunch of keywords together along with some html code in order to improve your website ranking? This is an important thing to know before hiring an internet marketing specialist since many of them calling themselves seo (search engine optimizer) don't have any design skills. In addition to your internet marketing specialist, would you also need to hire a web developper and add this to your bill?

Those are just some basic things you need to know before hiring an internet marketing specialist. After optimizing your website for search engines, many other actions can be taken. Can your internet marketing specialist perform those for you? Developping partnerships and content pages, submitting your url to search engines and directories, trading links, writing articles and advertising onrepparttar 127905 internet are all among other marketing actions that would help improve your online presence and website ranking. It's now up to you to find an internet marketing specialist that could work within your budget!

Frank Levert is a graphic/web designer, multimedia artist, copywriter and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is now the owner of Netmar Solutions, a company offering a whole spectrum of internet and marketing services for small and medium size businesses.

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