Why Aren't You Using CGI

Written by Michael Southon

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4. Setrepparttar File Permissions using CHMOD

CHMOD (changing mode) isrepparttar 107135 term for setting security permissions on files. The README file will usually tell yourepparttar 107136 permissions that you need to set for each file. The script file will need to be set to 755. This allowsrepparttar 107137 file's owner to read, write, and executerepparttar 107138 file; anyone else can only read and execute it.

You can setrepparttar 107139 permissions using telnet, butrepparttar 107140 easiest way is to userepparttar 107141 built-in option in your FTP program.

5. Callingrepparttar 107142 Script

Now that you've configuredrepparttar 107143 script, uploaded it and setrepparttar 107144 permissions, it's time to try it out! You do this by 'callingrepparttar 107145 script' using a URL in an HTML document. This is whatrepparttar 107146 URL for calling your script will normally look like:


Again,repparttar 107147 README file should have specific instructions on how to callrepparttar 107148 script. In addition, most CGI programs are accompanied by a web page that containsrepparttar 107149 form your visitors would use to callrepparttar 107150 script.

And now here arerepparttar 107151 details ofrepparttar 107152 5 free CGI scripts I mentioned earlier:

----------------------- Subscribe Me Lite -----------------------

Subscribe Me Lite is a program that allows prospects/customers to automatically subscribe and/or unsubscribe themselves from your mailing list. It has a built-in mass mailing form for sending out your newsletter or updates.

More Information: http://www.cgiscriptcenter.com/subscribe/index2.html

----------------------- Rob's File Tracker -----------------------

Rob's File Tracker is a perl script that counts file downloads or click-thrus to any file. Very useful if you want to know how many people are downloading your free E-Book.

More Information: http://www.robplanet.com/cgi racker/

----------------------- AdRotate Pro -----------------------

AdRotate Pro is an ad rotation program that's easy to setup and easy to use. Features include unlimited rotations, expiry by date, views or clicks, default ads for when all ads are expired, and customer reports.

More Information: http://www.vanbrunt.com/adrotate/

----------------------- MasterRecommend -----------------------

This script allows visitors to recommend your website to a friend by sending an email, without leaving your website. The program will also send you a copy of your visitor's message (nice to know what your visitors think about your website).

More Information: http://www.willmaster.com/master/recommend/MasterRecommendmanual.html

----------------------- Master Auto-Responder -----------------------

This is a standard auto-responder program. The script allows you to setrepparttar 107153 "From:" and "Subject:" lines for your auto-response.You can also choose to receive a copy of each email thatrepparttar 107154 auto-responder receives.

More Information: http://mastercgi.com/howtoinfo/howautoresponderswork.shtml

If you need more help installing your CGI scripts, here are two excellent free tutorials:

http://spider-food.net/install-a-cgi-script.html http://www.stefan-pettersson.nu/scripts utorials/installcgi.html

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Use CGI to Automate Your Web Site

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Master Syndicator

If you write articles, Master Syndicator will enable you to syndicate your content. You simply copy and paste your article into a form and click on submit. Your article will instantly be ready for syndication. To display your content, webmasters will need to place two small lines of JavaScript within their web page where they'd likerepparttar article to display. Each time you update your article, every web site using your code will automatically be updated.

The Master Series scripts can be found here: http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?wsnet/willmaster


This great script will enable you to set up your own forum. Unlike most bulletin board scripts, WebBBS stores messages as simple text files and creates HTML pages as needed.

This great script supports automatic quoting of message text and email notification of those who want to be informed of new posts. http://awsd.com/scripts/webbbs/index.shtml


Set up a rotating banner system on your web site and track response rates. WebAdverts will enable you to not only set up a rotating banner system, but if you'd like, you can set up your own banner exchange. Banners can be displayed on your pages using SSI tags, IFRAME tags, or standard IMG tags.

The great thing about this script is that you can include banners on CGI-generated pages. In addition, you can filterrepparttar 107134 banners by allowing certain banners to appear only on certain pages. This script is a little complicated, but well worth it. http://awsd.com/scripts/webadverts/index.shtml


If you've ever wanted to set up a directory, this great script will make it simple. It is modeled after Yahoo and inspired by The CGI Resource Index. It can be completely customized to matchrepparttar 107135 look and feel of your web site. http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/links/


The Personal Open Directory script will enable you to pullrepparttar 107136 contents ofrepparttar 107137 Open Directory Project into your own web pages. It is completely customizable and will enable your visitors to have access to this great directory without leaving your web site. http://grohol.com/downloads/pod/dmoz/

Learn more about CGI: http://www.howstuffworks.com/cgi.htm

Locate CGI Scripts: http://cgi.resourceindex.com/Programs_and_Scripts/Perl/

If you're not utilizingrepparttar 107138 full benefits that CGI has to offer, you're missingrepparttar 107139 boat. Not only will it save you a great deal of time, but it will also process your information aroundrepparttar 107140 clock. Scripts can assist you in making your web site an interactive community and bring your site to life.

Shelley Lowery is the Webmistress of Web-Source.net. Your Guide to Professional Web Site Design & Development. Subscribe to Syndicator Etips for fresh, original articles to assist you in Web Design, Internet Marketing & Ecommerce mailto:etips-subscribe@web-source.net?subject=subscribe http://www.web-source.net

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