Why Are You Doing This?

Written by Jeff Neil

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Times are slowly changing. Home based businesses are being started every day. But with that work at home attitude comes a reason. A reason why someone would choose to do this.

When I talk to a prospect onrepparttar phone I try to find out why they want their own home based business. And usuallyrepparttar 123983 answer is money.

But money is not a good enough answer. Sure, we all want more of it. But money alone is a poor motivator.

Why do you want more money? If you had more money what would you do with it? How would it improve your lifestyle?

Ask yourself why you want your own home based business. Why are you doing this? We all have our reasons. Many of them are different. Yet many are also very similar.

Maybe it`srepparttar 123984 freedom. The opportunity to travel. To just be your own boss. Or maybe you don`t really know.

If you don`t really know, or just need another reason to keep you going, try this. As you sit at your desk staring into your monitor, take a look at that child beside you. That precious child staring at you, as intensely as you stare at your computer.

And then ask yourself again, "Why are you doing this?"

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Article written by Jeff Neil, Editor of Always Marketing. Jeff is a two year Internet veteran who has learnedrepparttar 123985 hard way to Run a Business, Not a Hobby. Will you dorepparttar 123986 same? Visit at: http://www.mainemoosemarketing.com Subscribe: mailto:always_marketing@infogeneratorpro.com


Failure Is Not Final

Written by Josh Hinds

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The next time you find yourself faced with something that doesn't go as planned takerepparttar time to ponder what happened. Gain knowledge fromrepparttar 123982 experience that you can apply so that things work out betterrepparttar 123983 next time around.

Success in most everything comes from an ongoing commitment to learning and applying what you learn. Our shortcomings can offer up valuable experiences when we choose to view them as lessons as opposed to failures.

Written by Josh Hinds of http://www.GetMotivation.com Sign up for my ezine at http://www.GetMotivation.com/ezines.html Josh is also the co-founder of http://www.AudioMotivation.com - which includes an abundance of self-improvement resources as well as exclusive audio interviews with leading experts in the areas of motivation and personal development.

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