Why All The Fuss About Relaxation

Written by Bill Dunigan

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If we are doing things correctly, each time we work our horse should be better thanrepparttar last time. We are building onrepparttar 138079 previous work. Each workout laysrepparttar 138080 foundation forrepparttar 138081 next one. Of course, if we don't haverepparttar 138082 relaxation to begin with than it's not very likely that we will haverepparttar 138083 progress. The twe go hand in hand. You can't separate them.

Now, what about us asrepparttar 138084 rider. If we are tense, uptight, worried, whatever, that transfers directly into our horse. If you are worried about something and unable to shake it than it might be better to lunge that day rather than ride. Be realistic about it. How are you ever going to make progress if you upsetrepparttar 138085 horse. Now I'm not talking about lettingrepparttar 138086 horse get away with things, or spoiling, or just takingrepparttar 138087 easy way out. If you really feel that you are not doing anything to cause tension in your horse, get some other opinions. Most of us are not vary good at self critiquing. None of us hasrepparttar 138088 time or interest in spinning our wheels for nothing. If you are not making progress, something is wrong. Withrepparttar 138089 amount of time, money, and effort it takes to bring along a horse these days, you and your horse deserve to do it right and make progress. Don't hesitate to getrepparttar 138090 help you need. One ofrepparttar 138091 most common things I see over and over again is a parent who rides and has children who ride. They are more than willing to do anything to enable their child to improve but simply are unable to justify spendingrepparttar 138092 money on themselves. What kind of example are they setting forrepparttar 138093 child? One that says it's ok to flounder around making mistake after mistake going nowhere. Think about it that way for once and you just might be able to do something about it. Remember they learn much better from example.

So you see relaxation is a crutial element for both horse and rider regardless ofrepparttar 138094 chosen diciplin. All ofrepparttar 138095 top trainers and riders value it because they know from experience how difficult it is to get maximum cooperation, positive performance results, and remain injury free without it. This is not a new concept. It is something that has been an indespencible part of training horses handed down throughrepparttar 138096 centruies. When so many who have gone before us place so much emphesis on this particular aspect of training, why would any of us feel that it isn't that important. We all need relaxation in both horse and rider for hunter/jumper, dressage, barrel racer, roper, etc. It isrepparttar 138097 foundation that enables us to build everything else. Without a solid and stable foundation nothing can standrepparttar 138098 test of time. Build on a firm correct foundation and your work will enable you to show steady growth and progress with a much happier and relaxed horse. You have permission to copy and reuse this article provided there are no changes made torepparttar 138099 article and credit is given torepparttar 138100 author andrepparttar 138101 link to his website remains in place. Please notify him by email if you are going to use this article. You may contact Bill Dunigan through his website: http://www.BarrelRacingClinic.com

Bill Dunigan has been teaching and competing in excess of 40 years. He has taught and competed in Barrel Racing, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Dressage and served as President of a local Dressage Association. During this time, he Fox Hunted four days a week with two different Hunt clubs, one of which he served as Joint Master. Bill qualified six years in a row for the World Championships with the National Barrel Horse Association.

College Branded Clothing

Written by Johann Erickson

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They both must decide what to wear to show their school spirit, look great, and be comfortable duringrepparttar game andrepparttar 138017 party. What do you think they both choose?

Ted leaves his dorm wearingrepparttar 138018 University of Oklahoma college mock neck shirt in white withrepparttar 138019 University of Oklahoma college long sleeve denim shirt overrepparttar 138020 mock shirt neatly tucked into his jeans. And to keep him warm he decides to wearrepparttar 138021 University of Oklahoma college hooded sweatshirt in cardinal. Now, afterrepparttar 138022 game he can leaverepparttar 138023 hooded sweatshirt in his car and enjoyrepparttar 138024 party.

Shelia leaves her dorm wearingrepparttar 138025 University of Oklahoma junior college string top shirt over this comfortable shirt she decides to wearrepparttar 138026 University of Oklahoma junior college long sleeve t-shirt. And of course she will wearrepparttar 138027 University of Oklahoma ladies zip college hooded jersey shirt in charcoal.

They are both off to enjoyrepparttar 138028 game, warm comfortable and stylish in their college clothing displaying their pride for OU. GO OU!!

Johann Erickson writes for Campus Traditions USA. Please include an active link to our site if you'd like to reprint this article.

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