Why A Father is Not A Dad

Written by Brian Maloney

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When your child was created, that little person should have beenrepparttar most important part of your existence and to vow never to break that mindset should have been paramount. The seriousness of having a child fromrepparttar 132238 conception and subsequently recognizing his or her importance could berepparttar 132239 factor with dead beat dads in most cases.

How do you rank your values?

Simply put, if you’re ranked above your child, you’re not being a dad, you’rerepparttar 132240 father of that child who simply donated your sperm for his or her life.

Instead of just being a donor to another’s life, commit to takingrepparttar 132241 time to know your child and let them get to know you no matter whatrepparttar 132242 conditions.

With this in mind, you will be doingrepparttar 132243 most important job of your life and that is helpingrepparttar 132244 life you created become a loving, well adjusted person who can pass these parenting traits down torepparttar 132245 next generation.

After all, isn’t that what being a dad is all about?

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Is America Christian?

Written by Terry Dashner

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Fact: The claim that America has a distinct Christian heritage does not mean that every American is now or ever was a Christian. Moreover, it does not mean that eitherrepparttar Church orrepparttar 132236 State should force people to profess belief in Christianity or attend religious services. Furthermore, a belief in a Christian heritage for America does not mean that non-Christians, and for that matter, dissenting Christians, cannot hold contrary opinions in a climate of a general Christian consensus. An honest study of America’s past will show that a majority of Americans shared a common religion and ethic. America’s earliest founders were self-professing Christians and their founding documents expressed a belief in a Christian worldview.

Fact: John Winthrop’s sermon aboardrepparttar 132237 Arabella in 1630 states in part: “Forrepparttar 132238 persons, we are a Company professing ourselves fellow members of Christ…Forrepparttar 132239 work we have in hand, it is by a mutual consent through a special overruling providence, and a more than an ordinary approbation ofrepparttar 132240 Churches of Christ to seek out a place of Cohabitation of Consortship under a due form of Government both civil and ecclesiastical…”

Fact: In 1892,repparttar 132241 Supreme Court declared, inrepparttar 132242 case of The Church ofrepparttar 132243 Holy Trinity vs. United States, that America was a Christian nation from earliest days. After examining a full range of historical documents, Associate Justice David J. Brewer concluded that Americans are “a religious people. This is historically true. Fromrepparttar 132244 discovery of this continent torepparttar 132245 present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation.” In 1931, Supreme

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Court Justice George Sutherland reviewedrepparttar 132246 1892 decision and reaffirmed that Americans are a “Christian people.” As late as 1952repparttar 132247 Supreme Court was affirming and reaffirming this fact.

I thought you might like some facts to help you reach your own conclusion about America’s religious heritage. The facts are there. They’re overwhelmingly in support ofrepparttar 132248 notion that America was founded onrepparttar 132249 principles of Holy Scripture. What say you?

May God bless America !

Terry Dashner

Writes articles about America's early history. 918-451-0270

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