Why 95% of eBay Sellers Fail

Written by Todd Reese

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Do you think a report like that would get some attention? You bet it would. The report is really nothing more than an advertisement for you. Of course you would have to write a report that had real content and offered up ways forrepparttar consumer to really do asrepparttar 139289 title suggests. A report like this however, would cost you literally nothing to produce – except your time – and there would be no overhead, no inventory, and no headaches.

Since this report would be nearly all profit you could set a low “Buy It Now” price ($4.97) to attract a huge number of prospects. The revenue generated would easily offsetrepparttar 139290 eBay’s seller fees.

Inrepparttar 139291 report you could suggest several real ways for people to drive a luxury car for little money. You could also list inrepparttar 139292 report a resource for them to research. The resource you suggest would of course be your car dealership.

The report did not cost you anything to produce or sell and it fully paid for itself with each person that ordered. The person buyingrepparttar 139293 report is more likely interested in what you have to offer and are therefore partially qualified. Anybody that contacts you after readingrepparttar 139294 report is a fully qualified prospect and should be marketed to aggressively.

Once you have their name and contact information you could send them a weekly “hot sheet” of cars that you are trying to sell. Once they purchase you could then sell them accessories and branded clothing. If they were close to your shop you could sell them on servicing. Andrepparttar 139295 list goes on and on.

If you study eBay there very few people using it as a lead generation tool. Yet lead generation and specifically self-liquidating advertising is a proven winner. Almost every type of business can benefit from lead generation advertising. If done correctly lead generation advertising can actually become another source of revenue for your company. Special reports are one excellent low cost lead generation tool that you can use. Look at eBay as more than just a fast buck. Look to eBay as a way to create long term clients. eBay if worked properly can be your best source of fresh leads and can really explode your sales.

Todd Reese is an information marketer, eBay seller consultant, and author of http://www.AutoDigitalDelivery.com. His specialty is turning struggling eBayers into Power Sellers

"Attitudinal Isometrics (TM)...A Workout For Building Strength of Character"

Written by Rev. Dr. John Lutwyche-Clements

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Let's be realistic: we can't predict anything much. Outcomes of events are cloaked in a veil of complexity; we can't ever foresee allrepparttar possible consequences - much less decide ahead of time which one will occur. That beingrepparttar 138936 case,repparttar 138937 only sensible option is to get started regardless! It's a well-known self-motivation technique: acting "as if"repparttar 138938 desired outcome is a foregone conclusion makes you less likely to engage a psychological reverse-gear halfway throughrepparttar 138939 task.

3. OTHERS BEFORE SELF The third Attitudinal Isometrics exercise (and it has to be a practical exercise rather than a theoretical one) isrepparttar 138940 movement from self-interest to public service - that is, from a mindset focused onrepparttar 138941 self to one focused on others. Perhaps you've always imagined that, in some future world where you've attained your personal goals, you'll then be in a position to serve others, and thereby makerepparttar 138942 world a better place...? Wrong! You'll only get what you want by giving others what they want. It's an integral part ofrepparttar 138943 course for success.

Nor do you need any special position to serve others. You do, however, need a special mindset; and you have to develop it first - before your personal goals can be attained.

The mental muscle that will empower you to serve others is already part of your character. You simply need to exercise it alongrepparttar 138944 appropriate dynamic, usingrepparttar 138945 appropriate mental apparatus! Help out at a charity headquarters; take a senior citizen torepparttar 138946 shopping mall; work in a soup kitchen; set up a church group in your community. Start with one hour a week, and progress to ten. Consider it a form of existential tithing. You'll be amazed how you can transformrepparttar 138947 lives of others - and feel better about yourself inrepparttar 138948 process!

4. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING CONSTANT The fourth and most important dynamic inrepparttar 138949 Attitudinal Isometrics gym isrepparttar 138950 movement from inconsistency to constancy. For most of human history, people simply had to keep going, keep working, keep adapting - just to survive. Inrepparttar 138951 modern Western world, however, things are somewhat easier. Result: a widespread tendency to justify inaction today withrepparttar 138952 empty promise of action tomorrow.

But tomorrow isrepparttar 138953 time to test your endurance. This evening isrepparttar 138954 time to gather your energies. This hour isrepparttar 138955 time to persevere. This minute isrepparttar 138956 time to galvanise your resolve. This second isrepparttar 138957 time to practise your Attitudinal Isometrics... And this moment... isrepparttar 138958 moment to start!

======================================= Rev Dr John L. Clements is an international writer, speaker, life coach and author of "Excellence Becomes You: proven principles to raise your life from mediocrity to excellence" http://www.bookshaker.com/product_info.php?products_id=54 =======================================

Rev Dr John L. Clements is an international writer, speaker, life coach and author of "Excellence Becomes You: proven principles to raise your life from mediocrity to excellence" http://www.bookshaker.com/product_info.php?products_id=54

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