Why 95% of Affiliate Websites Lose Money - And How You Can Avoid The Pitfalls

Written by K. ONeill

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This is a fundamental mistake new affiliates make. They choose a website theme that is much too general. They choose to make a website about computers or credit cards or diets or insurance.

These are all profitable topics of major interest to many people. Butrepparttar topics are too broad and you'll be running yourself ragged trying to be all things to all people.

Solution? Make your website theme as niche as you can - while still being profitable.

For example, instead of a website about computers, why not a site about laptops only? Instead of diets, why not diet patches? Instead of credit cards, why not no-fee credit cards? You getrepparttar 141815 idea.

By doing this you'll be way ahead of most affiliate marketers. You'll also be setting yourself apart fromrepparttar 141816 crowd - people will remember your website as a 'specialized' website and you'll berepparttar 141817 first website they'll visit when they want a laptop, or a diet patch review or a no-fee credit card.

Reason #3 Poor Choice of Affiliate Program

If you're an affiliate who isn't makingrepparttar 141818 money you think you should be making - mayberepparttar 141819 problem isn't anything you've done. The problem could berepparttar 141820 affiliate program.

Not every affiliate program is created equal and for every 1 that makes you money, there are 10 that won't. It's not your fault, that's justrepparttar 141821 way it works. You've got to test and try different programs to findrepparttar 141822 true winners.

Experience will show you which ones are a good fit for your website and your visitors. Learn from that experience and then spend more time and effort onrepparttar 141823 programs that make yourepparttar 141824 most money.

And don't just go byrepparttar 141825 highest EPC numbers (earnings per one hundred clicks). I know of one affiliate who purposely seeks out low-earning EPC affiliate programs because he says there's little competition for them. He makes a tidy little sum from several of these affiliate programs that other affiliates are ignoring.

Your personal experience isrepparttar 141826 best indicator of what will make yourepparttar 141827 most money. I've tried some affiliate programs that were (apparently) huge earners. They didn't make me a dime. I've tried others that didn't look so hot as far as earnings and they make me $1000+ per month. It really depends on you and your website.

If you're not makingrepparttar 141828 money you think you should be making - and you feel you're doing everything else right, it could just be your choice of affiliate program. Try changing affiliate programs and see if that increases your sales.

Those are 3 main reasons why 95% of affiliate websites don't makerepparttar 141829 money they could be making. Steer clear of these pitfalls and you'll be on your way to being in that top 5% of affiliate marketers makingrepparttar 141830 big bucks.

K. O'Neill is contributing writer to Web Conversion

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BEST SERVED HOT: A Simple Recipe For Success With Affiliate Programs

Written by Gunnar Berglund

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DIRECTIONS: Find a good and reliable web merchant who offers products you are impressed with. Remember, you cannot sell, or re-sell to be more exact, a product you don’t believe in. You also have to consider ifrepparttar said goods are sellable. You could determine this by conducting some research onrepparttar 141782 target market. Here’s a tip though: anything is marketable onrepparttar 141783 web, if you haverepparttar 141784 time,repparttar 141785 patience, andrepparttar 141786 willingness to seek out potential customers.

Once you have chosen a web merchant, you have to studyrepparttar 141787 terms ofrepparttar 141788 affiliate program he offers. Important things to consider arerepparttar 141789 modes of payment andrepparttar 141790 commission percentage. Make sure thatrepparttar 141791 web merchant would be able to pay you throughrepparttar 141792 payment method you have availed of. The commission scheme must likewise be favorable to you. Here’s another tip: for sales, do not settle for less than 20% commission.

If all is to your satisfaction, sign up.

You will then be given a link that, when clicked pursuant to a sale or a hit, would inform your web merchant’s system that you are eligible for a commission. Do not lose this link, as it would be your bread and butter for affiliate programs.

Now, all you have to do is to strategically place this link on your website. Additionally, you must make a sales pitch to your visitors so that they’ll consider clicking onrepparttar 141793 said link. This can be done by discussing something noteworthy, say for example, a how-to guide on recovering lost data, and inrepparttar 141794 body of your article, you could suggest your readers to try a certain product like a backup system, whose link is provided therein. Also, you could make a sales page, which is basically a page dedicated torepparttar 141795 product you’re trying to resell, and which can be accessed from your site.

As an added option, you could also make your own e-book and distribute it for free. The e-book itself should tackle something important, but should contain suggestions aboutrepparttar 141796 use ofrepparttar 141797 product you’re reselling, withrepparttar 141798 appropriate link that would garner for you your commission. Also, you could join online forums that are dedicated torepparttar 141799 market thatrepparttar 141800 product would be perfect for. Include your link in your signature. This would expose it torepparttar 141801 people who would viewrepparttar 141802 threads you participated in.

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