Who will be an American hero

Written by T,D Roberts

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There must be an American who seesrepparttar similarities to Hitler and George W. Bush. Hitler may have died, but George Bush learned a lot from him. My guess is he is taking up where Hitler left off

What patriotic American will stop this maddness, this Hitler revived through George W. Bush

The World needs American Citizens to rise up and revolt agaist this fascist dangerous dream that is killing men, women and children

Please America, together as one united force, you can bring down Bush and his SS. It is up to you. A civil war if needed. The citizens ofrepparttar 125879 world will support you. Take action. Take back your freedom and democracy, The world is counting on you and praying for you

Do it for yourselves, your children and God.

Oh yeah, I mean something peaceful like a war crimes trial, NOT violence. There is too much violence inrepparttar 125880 world

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Invisible Slavery System - II

Written by Emmett Dabru

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Our minds are accustomed to thinking in terms of forced control hierarchies in all that we do. In order to make something useful we believe it has to be controlled through force. I call this "poisoned thought". You'll see it inrepparttar operation of computer software,repparttar 125878 legal system,repparttar 125879 home, and virtually everywhere that human thought created something we interact with. I believe that in each of these scenarios a collective effort from unbound freethinking individuals is more suitable. A collective of free thinking individuals who interact as they choose, using these advanced information technologies only when they see an advantage in doing so. A human collective represented by and orchestrated throughrepparttar 125880 information technology, not a collective of selfless minds attached to computers. The free individual is very powerful, and a collective is very powerful. Advanced information systems will make possible never before conceived of benefits, resulting from an interaction betweenrepparttar 125881 unbound free thinking individual and a collective intelligence.

Optimal information technology isrepparttar 125882 real solution to allrepparttar 125883 world's problems, and it will also help us to escape fromrepparttar 125884 ISS. I envision a technology that automatically generates collective Utilitarian solutions for genuine global issues, while supporting a Libertarian way of life. A technology that facilitatesrepparttar 125885 individual rather than controlsrepparttar 125886 masses. A technology that defendsrepparttar 125887 individual against corruption, oppression and tyranny. A technology that is fair to everyone, protecting both physical and intellectual property withoutrepparttar 125888 need for law, and making everything of value torepparttar 125889 individual visible torepparttar 125890 individual. This new technology promises a future whererepparttar 125891 average cost of living is below two work hours per day per person. A future where poverty and sickness is almost non-existent, where problems of pollution and global warming are solved, and where war is a thing ofrepparttar 125892 past. Law hierarchies, war machines, politics and track & identify systems will no longer be needed to solve these problems. The concept of a collective can apply to other types of systems, not just political/social systems. Since poisoned thought has been instilled in us for thousands of years everything we build and do reflects it. This meansrepparttar 125893 products we buy are handicapped by it, andrepparttar 125894 systems we live by limit us as a result of it. Possiblyrepparttar 125895 most significant effect it has on society is to limit whatrepparttar 125896 human mind is capable of. In my opinion this is why our minds operate in a mostly delusional state, our computers are extremely inefficient and error prone, our society cheats us, we continuously poison our bodies, we serve as delusional slaves (slaves that don't know they're slaves), our leaders take us to war, and our doctors kill us. Once we cure ourselves of this poisoned thought our minds will then become more aware and more intelligent. Our computers will run thousands of times faster and better, and withoutrepparttar 125897 need for a gigantic support industry to keep them running. We will no longer haverepparttar 125898 need to poison our bodies by eating decayed processed and drugged foods. We will no longer work for a society that robs 95% of what we do. The need for war will disappear. Andrepparttar 125899 entire medical industry will work towardsrepparttar 125900 good ofrepparttar 125901 patient, not rob him blind and kill him (as a result ofrepparttar 125902 invisible puzzles placed inrepparttar 125903 medical industry byrepparttar 125904 "very few very powerful" ruling class).

Poisoned thought is involved in every system around you, your work, your computer, your government, andrepparttar 125905 products you buy - almost all are designed to control you through deniable lines of function. If poisoned thought were removed from these things life would improve 20 times. This variation torepparttar 125906 Libertarian Philosophy depends on future information technologies to work. The design to this futuristic technology isrepparttar 125907 ultimate puzzle. Once developed it will berepparttar 125908 most significant achievement of mankind, past, present, and possibly future. And once it matures, there will be no more invisible puzzles.

Emmett Dabru

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