Who wants to carry on being a failure?

Written by Douglas Titchmarsh

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Isn't this how you should see your business "failures" instead. You no longer failed you merely deferred success until you attain it later. Every "deferred success" is actually a step towards success because you just learned how not to do whatever it is you were attempting. Once you run out of ways that don't work, you will discoverrepparttar one that does.

When you fail you are using a negative in association with your business. If you defer success then that says something positive is yet to come.

So isn't it time for you to stop failing, and instead have a "deferred success"?

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Islam helps you

Written by Wael El-Manzalawy

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Islam isrepparttar true religion. Islam helps you to live in tranquility. Islam achievesrepparttar 151077 harmony and balance betweenrepparttar 151078 soul andrepparttar 151079 body. Islam leads you torepparttar 151080 Heaven inrepparttar 151081 dayafter. But a lot of non-muslims have got their information about Islam fromrepparttar 151082 writings of anti-Islamic writers. I invite them to read about Islam fromrepparttar 151083 Islamic point of view. I invite them to make a comparison between Islam and other doctrines and I am sure that they will discoverrepparttar 151084 greatness of Islam.

Egyptian writer

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