Who is the best qualified candidate for the job?

Written by Robert M. Ziegler

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of financial support for “individual” candidates, why not place these monetary contributions into a special fund and allocate an “equal amount of money” to each candidate … to be used for promotional purposes. This would give “all” candidates an equal opportunity to win. Some type of regulation would need to be implemented to prevent individuals and companies from doing their own promotions for their favorite candidate. This should encourage more highly-qualified people to run for office and it would minimizerepparttar amount of favoritism they owe to those who provided financial support. If you like this suggestion,spreadrepparttar 125987 word by asking others to read this article … if enough people show support for it, it can become a reality. Wouldn’t you rather have someone represent you who shares a comparable lifestyle and who can more fully understand and appreciate your needs and concerns? I certainly would!


The Declaration of RE-Independdence

Written by James Sorrell

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or http://excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=1979 The country you save will be your own! Best regards, James Sorrell


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