Who are the best drivers? Who are the worst? And why?

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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Please don’t take these descriptions as critical. The qualities of Taurus and Pisces are invaluable in their proper spheres of influence. Astrology is not a critical tool. It is a tool of enlightenment. Something you read here and become conscious about may save your life.

Duke continues, “Capricornians [sic], who came last onrepparttar list, [are] typically described as patient and careful.”

No argument with that fromrepparttar 122357 professional astrologer. It’s no surprise Caps arerepparttar 122358 safest behindrepparttar 122359 wheel. They’rerepparttar 122360 safest at everything! Their patience and sense of responsibility are legendary. Imaginerepparttar 122361 thrill I felt inrepparttar 122362 passenger seat when I divorced my Gemini husband and began dating a Capricorn.

The great middle ground of this survey is held by sun signs in this order:

4 Virgo

5. Cancer

6. Aquarius

7. Aries

8. Leo

9. Libra

10. Sagittarius

11. Scorpio [and Capricorn in last position asrepparttar 122363 best drivers]

Is this what you would have expected? There is something else fascinating about this list.

The folks at SunCorp would have no way of knowing it but, Capricorn torepparttar 122364 side,repparttar 122365 signs inrepparttar 122366 last two positions and first two positions arerepparttar 122367 exact opposite. This tells us a great deal about polarities, doesn’t it? Scorpio is opposite Taurus and Sagittarius is opposite Gemini.

Sagittarians may stay safe in their carsrepparttar 122368 same way they do in life, by having superbly developed higher minds (Ninth House). Another name for this mind is intuition. The highly developed sense of flow and good timing characteristic of Sagittarians is what makes themrepparttar 122369 lucky sign. Furthermore, their minds are right at home dealing with traffic patterns, flow and spatial relations.

Scorpios, onrepparttar 122370 other hand, may stay safe because they are intimately involved withrepparttar 122371 inner lives of others inrepparttar 122372 same way their opposite sign Taurus is defended against this information. Scorpios are sensitive to energy – whether it is a foot away or thousands of miles away -- and can feel someone “coming up from behind” at many different levels. Scorpios know if you’ve had a fight with your wiferepparttar 122373 night before or if you’re thinking about embezzling or having an affair with your best friend’s husband. That’s why we always feel like they can see right through us. They can.

Scorpios would berepparttar 122374 drivers who would instinctively “wake up” in time to let a cocaine addict pass them at 95 or give a wide berth to a passive aggressive soccer mom hassling two kids inrepparttar 122375 back seat and a phone conversation with her husband all atrepparttar 122376 same time.

Where does your sign fall in this survey? Whatever your sun sign, let’s all learn from this survey and be safe onrepparttar 122377 road.

Nancy R. Fenn has been a professional astrologer in the San Diego area for over 25 years. Visit her on the web at www.bemyastrologer.com

Massage Your Mind!: Are You Living In A Cave?

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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Actually, we’ve been putting ourselves in chains sincerepparttar beginning of human existence. In Hindu philosophy (and many would agree that Hinduism and Buddhism are more like philosophies than religions), there are many allusions to illusion. My favorite isrepparttar 122356 story of Narada and maya, or “illusion” (although I personally preferrepparttar 122357 alternate definition of maya as “creative power”).

Narada was a great sage who came to Vishnu. In Hinduism, there are three aspects of Brahma, or godhead: Brahma isrepparttar 122358 creator, Vishnu isrepparttar 122359 preserver, and Shiva isrepparttar 122360 destroyer of evil. So, one day, Narada asks Vishnu, “What isrepparttar 122361 secret of maya?” Vishnu promptly throws him in a pool.

As soon as he entersrepparttar 122362 water, Narada becomes a princess born to a wealthy family, and as such, he experiencesrepparttar 122363 entire life ofrepparttar 122364 little girl. She ends up marrying a prince and going to live with him in his kingdom. They become fabulously wealthy, but then their kingdom is attacked and everything is destroyed. The prince is killed, andrepparttar 122365 princess, as a dutiful mourning wife, throws herself onrepparttar 122366 funeral pyre of her cremated husband. This is consideredrepparttar 122367 ultimate act of self-sacrifice. Suddenly, Narada wakes up to find that he is being pulled out ofrepparttar 122368 pool by Vishnu. At that moment, Vishnu asks him, “For whom are you weeping?”

This isrepparttar 122369 whole concept of illusion in a nutshell. We are caught up in a story that seems so skillful and perfect that we can’t help but believe that it is real.

Young children start asking questions about things likerepparttar 122370 color ofrepparttar 122371 sky orrepparttar 122372 shapes between branches, and we direct their attention to whatever we feel is more significant. They quickly learn what is expected, what is important, what is common in our understanding ofrepparttar 122373 world. After a while, we each forgetrepparttar 122374 perspective we’d had when everything was a wonder. And before we know it, we’ve got a life full of ideas, habits, beliefs and stories that we share with countless others.

Of course, then we wake up one morning around age 40 and start questioning everything. Well, there’s no sense sticking to that time-honored schedule. You can start questioning anytime!

In fact, your best bet is to recognize right off that this whole thing is one big fantastic charade. Recognize it, laugh at it, celebrate it, and keep an eye on that cave exit. Better yet, sneak out there whenever you get a chance. You can always come back inside and hang out with your cavemates and watch those shadows onrepparttar 122375 cave walls. It's safe. It'll always be there.

Prepare now to tiptoe outside. Break your chains. Shake your head enough times to loosen some of those stories that have been filling your mind for most of your life. And head forrepparttar 122376 light outsiderepparttar 122377 cave.

What's out there? Plenty of philosophers just like you--those who have broken free and seerepparttar 122378 world and reality in a whole new way. Life is rich, full, and more meaningful. Come joinrepparttar 122379 thinkers. There are plenty of us waiting to greet you!

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse. As a teacher, facilitator and mediator, she has been helping others engage their formidable frontal lobes since 1983. Her popular course, "Massage Your Mind!: Defining Your Life Philosophy", has inspired thinkers in over 60 countries around the world. Her free weekly e-zine, the Friday Mind Massage, is designed to ease you into a thoughtful weekend. To subscribe, visit http://www.massageyourmind.com today!

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